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ArtDeco Soft Lip Liner Waterproof in 80 Review and Swatches

I am a big fan of ArtDeco’s Soft Lip Liner Waterproof so decided to pick up a berry/plum shade from the line. Unfortunately, the shade I wanted was sold out so I’ve got a cool toned pink one.

It is called 80 Precious Plum but for me it is a perfect “my-lips-but-better-and-brighter”  colour, my  everyday shade. It is  darker and deeper than my natural lip colour but the tone is very similar, so it works great.

This pencil is soft and  long-lasting, as the name suggests. I love using it with lipsticks, all over the lips for a matte effect of with a gloss on top.

I think it is a fantastic lip pencil for an affordable price.  I am definitely coming back for a berry shade and I’ve also spotted a beautiful peachy coral, unfortunately I don’t remember the number.

The website says  there are 16 shades in general and I wouldn’t mind getting them all with time.

Here is the the swatch of  the Precious Plum.

ArtDeco is available from Debenhams.

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