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Beaute Slave by Guerlain.Makeup Collection for Fall 2009

I already wrote about Les Poetiques – collection  by Givenchy for  fall 2009. Today I found photos of  Fall collection by Guerlain. Let me remind you summer collection by Guerlain + Terracotta 2009. I find this  new collection gorgeous! Totally love the design and Vodianova has great makeup on the promo photo. Can’t wait to see the products.! They should be available in August.

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6 Responses to “Beaute Slave by Guerlain.Makeup Collection for Fall 2009”
  1. Inês Mariano says:

    OMG!!! I love love guerlain!

    Can’t believe i’m seeing fall’s photos! I’m so in love with that collection 😀

  2. Marina says:

    Hi,Inês 🙂
    me, too!
    can’t wait till 1st of August!!!
    did you see the photo of lipsticks that I posted yesterday?

  3. Inês Mariano says:

    I’m from Portugal…
    I know it won’t arrive on 1st August but… 15th i believe i can see it with my own eyes 😀

    Hope you can give more news about guerlain 😉


  4. Marina says:

    I will do my best to post photos as soon as I can!:)
    bwt, I just found some photos of Chanel fall 2009:
    and soon I will write about YSL collection for Fall 2009 plus some other brands;)

    and of course,thank you for your comments!

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