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Beauty Inspiration:Kirsi Pyrhonen for Muse Magazine

I absolutely love this beauty story and can’t stop looking at the photos so I thought I’d share with you.

The model is Kirsi Pyrhonen and the make-up is by Sophia Eriksen. This is a story for the Muse Fall 2010 and the photos are by Samuli Karala.

There is something about about the model’s look that just captivates me plus the makeup is flawless,  perfect and is a joy to my eyes. There is also something about the cat, I have mixed feelings about this Oriental cat but he/she ( I just can’t say “it” when it comes to a cat) definitely catches my  attention…

Cat eyes and red lips always look hot

I LOVE this bronzy eye makeup and very defined liner on the water line, stunning

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Love that lighter accent in the centre of her lid, crates this multi dimensional effect.

Love the pale skin, she is like the cruel Ice Queen on this photo

I perfectly understand that not everyone is going to like the model but there is something about her that I really like. As for the makeup… it is just beautiful! And wearable, too! So you can create it for yourself.

You are more than welcome to share the looks that inspired you lately!

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  1. She has a very unique face, and I also think she could go as heavy or light with the makeup as she wanted and look fine. I love that bronzy look!

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