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Beauty Trend I Love: Blue Lip Glosses

I was supposed to publish a review of the affordable balm like lipsticks which are huge now and I have the text ready but my camera batteries died, so it will have to wait.

This is why today I will tell you about something that I am really excited about – blue lip gloss!

To tell the  truth, not that many beauty products excite me these days so I am always happy to find something that really does!

Yes, I know that they are not going to look blue on the lips, just like this Dior  Trianon Silver gloss is not grey but I just love the idea in general. To tell the truth, I would get them even today if I could! Especially the Paul & Joe one, so gorgeous!

All the glosses are  from the summer 2011 makeup collections:

  • YSL Gloss from the summer 2011 collection in Frosted Effect.
  • L’Oreal Glam Shine Fresh in Aqua Curacao
  • Paul & Joe L’Horizon Bleu

Do you like it? Would you get any of these? I am definitely getting the Paul & Joe one!

I would like to thank BBB for letting me use her images.


7 Responses to “Beauty Trend I Love: Blue Lip Glosses”
  1. Wonder how blue they are on the lips!..
    No, I’m all set with my MAC Peacocky=)

  2. I’ve always LOVED green lipgloss, but never really tried a blue one before. Must add that to my to-do list! I really like that YSL one, it looks very sleek!

  3. ALEXUTZA says:

    The YSL gloss is called Frosted Effect. I’m really curious about the blue lipstick too.

  4. gio says:

    I have never tried a blue gloss yet but I’d love to. They sound so cool and I’m really curious to know how they look on the lips.

  5. flyavsted says:

    I’ve heard they are supposed to make your teeth appear whiter

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