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BECCA Smoke and Grace Makeup Collection for Fall 2012

I really love the new collection from BECCA  Cosmetics, surprise-surprise!

The fact that they photographed girls from different ethnicity for the promo is also very cool, I think all three are gorgeous but I am particularly love makeup of the Asian model, she is incredibly beautiful!

As for the products, there are quite a few new launches, which is always exciting.

First of all, there are new Ultimate Eye Colour Quads which include eye shadows with different finish: matte, demi-matte, and metallic.

There are four different variations: Astro Violet, Galactica, Eclipsed, Night Star. Each is $40.

If I could get only one product from this collection, that would be Bronzing Skin Perfector ($36 for 40ml) in Palm Beach.

It is described as a ‘universally flattering bronzing crème designed to smooth, even and perfect the skin while imparting a natural sun-kissed glow.’

Besides the new products, there are also three new shades of the Ultimate Colour Gloss ($24/£18)in Fallen Angel (nude spice, Autumn Punch (mocha berry) and Berry Twist (deep plum).

I am also curious to try Berry Twist, I hope it’s not very sheer.

10 Responses to “BECCA Smoke and Grace Makeup Collection for Fall 2012”
  1. Icaria says:

    They are stunning, the 3 of them & the picture is beautiful!

  2. The quads! MUST get one (or two) of those quads!

    I love it when companies feature models of different ethnicities too 🙂

  3. angel says:

    Their heads are huge and inproportonate to their bodies??

  4. tomate farcie says:

    these quads look great, hopefully the’ll be in the States soon. This skin perfect or is on the US site but not the quads.
    I’m a big Becca fan!

  5. Naomi says:

    Hi Marina 🙂
    So true about them always having gorgeous models in their promos, I’m so jealous! lol
    I am so excited that Sephora is carrying Becca cosmetics now, they have these eyeshadow quads already available for purchase 🙂 Also they have a very nice holiday gift set available too.
    x Naomi

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