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Benefit Cosmetics Launches Makeup Brushes, False Lashes and New Makeup Bags

Benefit Cosmetics is definitely one of my favourite brands so I am very happy that they just brought out their own makeup brushes, false lashes and new makeup bags.

So there are six new brushes, the price starts at £15.50/€19.50

And the new false lashes. There are eight designs and also single lashes and a glue.

And there are two makeup bags which are different size

4 Responses to “Benefit Cosmetics Launches Makeup Brushes, False Lashes and New Makeup Bags”
  1. Cynamin_QC says:

    Im not a fan of false lashes and I dont really like Benefits style so I will also pass on the bags. The brushes dont seem very unique to me. Honestly look like ones I can get at the drug store. I can understand if you are a Benefit lover then you’d be excited.

    • Marina says:

      Hey lovely 🙂
      I find their style cute but it’s the quality of their products that I love.
      Nothing disappointed me and I’ve tried a lot. Their cream eye shadows and BADGal mascara are simply amazing among other products…

  2. Inna says:

    I liked pin up lashes! And I definitely want the make up bag now – it looks cute! I like Benefit products, although some say the packaging looks cheap – I like it, it’s kinda unique and funny, but definitely not boring!

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