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Best Makeup Tip: How To Conceal Small Imperfections

I really love when  Make-Up Artists share their favourite tips! There are so many amazing ones that are really game changers. So today I want to share one of my favourite tips ever.

It is an easy one but I  probably would never think of that myself. I’ve learned this from Lisa Eldridge. She recommends using an eye liner brush for concealing small blemishes and spots. Wow! This works amazing.

Although I absolutely love my Japonesque concealer brush,  I think MAC 209 and No7 Precision Eyeliner brushes are brilliant for concealing small imperfections!

If you are wondering about the concealers on the photo, they are: Jouer Cosmetics Concealer No 3 Cameo and my personal concealer which is BECCA Compact Concealer in Latte.

What makeup tip do you like? Please share!

One Response to “Best Makeup Tip: How To Conceal Small Imperfections”
  1. A lot of the times I actually just use the leftover foundation to do a bit of concealing, but rather than saying it’s a tip I’ll just admit I’m lazy :p

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