Armani Bright Ribbon Makeup Collection And Eyes To Kill Solos for Summer 2014

Armani brought out quite a few gorgeous makeup products recently.

First of all, there is the beautiful Bright Ribbon makeup collection, inspired by the Mediterranean garden  with all the pretty orange, pink, red and plum shades of  Sheer Rouge lipsticks (£26.50) and matching, except the blue one, nail polishes (£20).

Armani Bright Ribbon Makeup Collection for Summer 2014 all shadesBesides the nails/lips collection there is also a new line of eye shadows

Armani Night Shades Collection for Fall 2010

Don’t you just love the promo images of Giorgio Armani collections?

This new fall collection which is called Night Shades was inspired by city’s night sky. The main colours are deep sea blue, delicate pink, crimson bloom and purple berry. Dark, nocturnal shades, I love it! “Feel yourself the Queen of night makeup” , – Linda Cantello says.

Collection includes:

Night Queen palette

  • deep blue
  • and dark cocoa
  • light brown ice
  • moonlight silver

Eyes to kill palette in Twilight Night

Armani White Night Makeup Collection for Christmas 2012

For the Christmas 2012 makeup collection Armani takes inspiration in  the various nuances of cold winter days, especially in the moonlight which brings out translucent reflections.

There are four products in the collection and am I personally very interested in one of them which is LIP MAESTRO Colour Zero, Instant lip enhancer (£25)

This is basically a top coat which mattifies other lip products or can be used directly on the lips. It is promised that the colour will still look luminous and the lips will stay hydrated.

 All-in-one White Night Palette (£60)

Two (LE) palettes that come in a black lacquer case which include: Frosty Highlighter, two eye shadows and a matte lipstick.

Moonlight Beige Palette: Beige shimmer powder,  two taupe eye shadows and Beige lip wax.

Moonlight White Palette: Snow-like

Mascara Wish List: PatMcGrath, Shiseido, Armani

After writing about my favourite mascaras, it’s time to share about the ones which are currently on my wish list. The ones which I will be trying next and, although there are a few that I would like to try, I’ve been strict with myself and chose only 3, and here is which ones and why.

Before we start  I just wanted to mention that I do not like “natural”/barely there lashes, gimme the full on dramatic lash  even in the morning. And all three seem to be perfect for that.

PAT MCGRATH LABS FetishEyes Mascara (£26 from Selfridges and website $28 from Sephora).

I think this

Preview of Makeup Collection by Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani for Summer 2010

Although we already saw a lot of summer 2010 makeup collections I am sure that we all want to see MORE! Am I right? 😉 So here is the preview of summer 2010 makeup collections by Giogrio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent.

Just take a look at this Bronzemania palette by Armani. It is so gorgeous, perfect for summer.

And what about Yves Saint Laurent. I already made a post about the new eye shadows and eye liners but here is the photo of summer collection + some products