Evening Skincare Routine and Updates

Regular readers probably noticed that now I publish only one feature per day, instead of two, as I always did. The thing is that I am very busy until the beginning of July. I have several major deadlines, and, unfortunately, can’t post as much as I’d love to. There may be some days without any features at all, so please bare with me.

I did not want to disappear without explaining…

Evening skincare routine makeup4all aromathepapy associates clarins caudalieAs I was getting ready for bed today, I though I’d take a quick pic of the products I used:

My Top 3 Sheer Red Lipsticks for Beginners

Recently several girlfriends asked me about  wearable/”beginners” red. So I thought I’d write about it here, as some of you may be interested in this topic, too.

Althought I personally love matte  full-on red, I perfectly understand that not everyone is ready for it. This is why sheer formulas may be a good option to begin with.

I have chosen three that I love. And these all are high-end. Why? Well, if you buy a “cheap” red, you will always find an excuse not to wear it. But if you invest in a luxury lipstick – you’d have to. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t love beautiful things?

Red Lipsticks Clarins YSL and Rouge Bunny Rouge makeup4allClarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector 05 Red (review and swatches)

This is the

Clarins Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate Review

One of the reasons why I love Clarins is because the brand often has amazing gift with purchase offers. This is why occasionally  I end up buying more products than I originally plan to.

Clarins Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate is actually a great example.  I saw that this was a buy-two-get-it-free the other day and had to indulge.

Since I am a huge fan of the Toning Body Polisher and the scent I knew that I’d like the shower concentrate, as well.

This line is supposed to “Tone, Cleanse & Invigorate” . Although I can’t comment on the tone effect (you should follow with the oil and cream to see the toning/firming benefits), it definitely cleanses, refreshes nicely and

Lip Products Addict Tag

I don’t watch that many YouTube beauty videos, but there is one that I really liked, and that was Lip Products Addict Tag.  I thought I’d do my own version in form of a post. So here we go…

Lip Products Addict Tag dior rimmel artdeco givenchy clarins ellis faas NUXEFavourite Lip Balm/Treatment

My favourite lip treatment, sadly, has been discontinued, so the one that you can buy now has to be NUXE’s Reve de Miel. I am not very original here, but this thing is da bomb! It does everything you’d want a lip balm to do,  nourishes and moisturizes the lips; it’s a perfect overnight balm.

You can get if for  around £10  from Feel Unique and  Look Fantastic 

Best Eye Catching Red 

I do love a good red and have a lot in my rotation, but I’ve noticed that I get the most compliments whenever I wear Daniel Sandler’s Red Carpet Red. The name speaks for itself, no?  It’s a gorgeous and flattering red, I highly recommend.

You can buy it from Feel Unique for £13.25.

Best Luxury and Best Drugstore Lipstick

My  most-used luxury lipstick has to be Dior Addict, so I’ll include this

Clarins Ombre Minerale Makeup Collection for Autumn 2012

So here is a preview of Clarins’ Autumn 2012 makeup collection which is mostly about the eyes with a lot of new eye shadows, plum mascara, eye khol and the innovative eye liner.

The star of the collection is the  Colour Accents Face & Blush Palette, £30

Clarins suggest that this  limited edition face powder is ideal for all skin tones. You can blend together all shades or use pink as a blush.

There are also sixteen new  Mineral Eyeshadow Smoothing and Long-Lasting, £16

You can use these both dry and wet and they, have different finish (matte, satin, pearl and shimmer) and are divided into four  groups:

The naturals. ‘Five shades for very easy to wear, natural looking results. From matte beige to rose tones wear alone or blend with a darker shade’:  02 Nude, 03 Petal, 04 Golden Rose, 05 Lingerie, 06 Tea Rose.

The basics. ‘A palette of five simples shades from brown to green that create deep set, sculpted eye’s: 07 Auburn, 08 Taupe, 09 Lavender Tea, 10 Slate Blue, 11 Silver Green.

Intense colours. ‘Five highly pigmented shades that deliver instant colour for an intense, sophisticated look’: 12 Aubergine, 13 Dark Chocolate, 14 Platinum, 15 Sparkle Black, 16 Vibrant Violet

Illuminator. ‘This highlighter can be worn alone or over another shade to sparkle and illuminate your eyes’: 01 White Sparkle Illuminator.

 3-Dot Liner (LE), £20

A new