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Which Eyeliner Works Best With Your Eyes?

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Perfect eyeliner can do miracles. It can both make your eyes look more open and make your eye color pop out too. But to achieve these two tasks, you need to know one basic tip – your eyeliner color (if that is not black) should match your eye color. If you start making attention to this one small detail, I can guarantee that you will find a perfect product to create a stronger and bolder look. Intrigued? I bet so! In this article, you are going to be presented with a short advisory list of eyeliner colors that match specific eye colors. Who knows – maybe it will inspire you, and you will try this and discover a brand new look of yours!

Max Factor Excess Intensity Longwear Eyeliner Review and Swatches of All Shades 3

But before we head to that, I would love to recommend you one thing. Since online shopping is usually called as a ‘cheaper shopping,’ I would like to recommend you to start your shopping at Kohl’s website. There you will find some great makeup products! And since there is an enormous bunch of Kohl’s online coupons at, you will be able to afford the best and the highest quality eyeliners (and more!) a lot cheaper! So – enjoy shopping and discover new look with these tips now!

Blue eyes

If you were gifted with deep blue eyes, and other shades of blue then I have some tips which eyeliner color you can choose! The essential advice in choosing eyeliner is to

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I know that a lot of people are often inspired by the celebrity beauty looks which is not surprising, as they are working with the best professionals in the industry. I am lucky to be getting the updates on how to re-create a lot of looks directly from the make-up artists and hair dressers via the agency that represent them.

makeup4all photos

And you can actually

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Re-Create Emilia Clarke’s Cover Look #GOT

I was really in love with this look of Emilia Clarke on the cover of Marie Claire UK July 2015 when I saw it. Emilia is such a gorgeous girl that she is stunning both without any products on,  or with most looks she wears. But this particular look is simply perfection.

Emilia Clarke Marie Claire July UK 2015 cover

Emila Clarke Marie Claire July UK cover

This is why I was really excited to see that Monika Blunder

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A Must Watch: 100 Years of Beauty

Several weeks ago I discovered 100 years of beauty videos and got hooked. These are absolutely brilliant. They show how the [beauty] looks were transformed during hundred years in different countries: from Korea and India to Mexico and Iran.

100 years of beauty videos Korea must watch about makeup

These videos actually show why I personally love makeup, for me it is all about changing the way you look according to the way you want to look that day/moment. I like how beauty helps with self-expression, and you can match it to your personality and taste, so to speak. Because one day you want a red lip and false lashes, and the other day it is all about the natural “no makeup” look – so why not experimenting?!

Isn’t it amazing how the same girl looks so different with just changing her hairstyle and colours she puts on her face?

Here is a playlist for

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In the era of social media we are very lucky to learn the best tips and tricks from Pro MUAs directly. We can follow them on Twitter and Instagram, watch their videos and interact in general.

Look by Val GarlandMakeup by Val Garland

I am always fascinated not only by their work but also with their stories and personalities. In my opinion,  it is important to learn as much as possible from different people and try different things to find your own style eventually.

Here are two videos that

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