Beauty Related Things That Inspired Me This Week

Today my  post is about the products, videos and makeup looks that caught my attention this week.

For the last several days  I have been browsing US beauty websites  like a mad woman to figure out what products I need/want to get as my friend kindly agreed to get me some.

I am not going to post my whole wish list or everything that caught my attention but here is the new Cle de Peau Vintage Holiday Palette which some of you may like. But as it is CdP the price is not cheap – $125.

I know that a lot of  people are sick and tired of Fashion Weeks by now but I love looking at the makeup anyway… So here is the one that I really liked.

It’s a makeup from Gucci by Pat McGrath. And of course, I am waiting for Dior show…

And I know some may

April 2013 Beauty Wish List: Makeup, Skincare and Hair Care

Believe it or not, but it actually took me hours and hours to complete this list, as I had to think carefully about what products I really want or what products I actually need.

This is not really a wish list, but more of a shopping list of the products that I plan to buy in the near future. Of course, I could add more, but I’ve decided to be very strict with myself so every item got on the list after a lot of consideration and is very covetable…

So here  is the list!


1. Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Soft Brunette, £26

I have almost finished my Benefit eye pencil and I am definitely getting an Hourglass one next.

2. Matte Eye Shadows Palette

I can’t decide if I should get the Too Faced Matte Eye Shadow Collection (£24.57 from Beauty Bay) or theBalm Meet Matte ($42 from the brand’s website, but they are in the process of creating a European shop, as well).   I actually really love the eye shadow quality from both brands: Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Review and Swatches, theBalm Nude Tude Eye Shadows Palette Review and Swatches and the Balm Shady Lady Palette Vol.2 Review and Swatches so that’s a hard one.  I only wish Too Faced palette weren’t so bulky. Maybe I should get both?!

3. Cream Blusher

That is probably the last thing that I need, considering how many I have but I’ve decided that I can get one, as a treat for myself. After a lot of consideration, I’ve chosen Stila’s Stila Convertible Colour (I actually can’t believe that I still haven’t tried it!) I think I’ll get Rose or Lillium (£15.12 from Beauty Bay)


Now this is the category of the products that I need. There are a lot of skincare products that I want  and the list is endless but these

Best Post of Winter on Makeup4all

Spring is finally here so I thought I’d share the most visited features of this Winter. Enjoy and thank you for reading! 🙂

Vogue China

New Launches

A lot of people were interested in Spring 1023 makeup collections, such as Guerlain, YSL, Givenchy and Armani and new Givenchy lipsticks.

Other popular preview posts were about Hourglass’s new Ambient powders and BECCA’s Dethroned collection which makes me happy, as those two are among my personal favourite brands.


The photo of my nude eye shadows also got a lot of attention. As well, as the Burberry’s Complete Eye Palette in Pink Taupe.


As for the lip products,  you were curious about

On-Line Dresses Shopping

This is a sponsored post written by me

One of my favourite things to do on-line, besides browsing beauty shops, is browsing dresses.

I did not wear dresses that much in the past but now I am a huge fan and try to get a new one for every special occasion.

In my opinion nothing makes you feel so feminine, beautiful and sexy, as a dress (clothes wise) ! A great dress is a big deal actually, why would we look at  and discuss  all the otfits that celebrities wear to the awards otherwise?

So today I want to share an on-line shop for Designer Dresses that is totally dedicated to dresses, there  are tones of styles for pretty much every occasion.

Below, for example, you can see the selection of their evening dresses, and I have chosen the designs that I would personally wear myself.

Jovani 171118 by Jovani Evening, Mac Duggal 3741L by Flash by Mac Duggal, Sherri Hill 1602 by Sherri Hill, Flirt P2762 by Flirt by Maggie Sottero

Although we don’t get a chance to be on red carpet, every girls’ big fashion moment is her prom, whether it’s school or uni.  And who doesn’t want to look stunning?

I remember

Holidays Gift Guide: Paperself Lashes

Just take a look at the uber gorgeous and unique Paperself lashes, inspired by Chinese culture, they are a perfect present for Holidays.

These lashes are not new actually but somehow I’ve never mentioned them… So here we go!

The model is wearing Peonies lashes

 I’d be very happy to find them among my presents. And just imagine wearing a pair to the Christmas’ or New Year’s party! There are quite a few variants to choose from.  Below you can see only some of them, there are more designs available