Favourite Makeup of Emma Watson.Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince


This is just a post about Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince, Emma Watson & her Favourite makeup.

Several days ago I went to the cinema to watch Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince. I am a fan of HP and read all the books several times so I was very excited about the movie. I’m not gonna write about all pluses and minuses, because I’m already tired of such discussions 😀 but in general I liked the movie!

And did you all notice how nice Emma Watson looks now? this is a photo from the premiere. And she was on the covers of so many magazines in July and now she is a model for Burberry. There are so many cool things about her but today I would love to tell you about her favourite makeup. When she was promoting Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince  makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez was using Dior products for Watson. Her favourite Dior products are:

Online Jewelry Shopping: Fabagora

This is a sponsored post

Today I want to share about Fabagora, which is a destination for anyone who loves jewelry. Fabagora jewelty website promoTo introduce the website, I’ve decided to ask Kevin Hamilton, the owner and founder, some questions.

Makeup4all: ” Could you please tell us more about Fabagora? What inspired you to start it?  Can you share your experience with us?”

Kevin: “The idea for the company came from me and my mother’s desire to work together. We wanted to bring our experiences together for a long time and we found that online jewelry was such a perfect market for the two of us. I brought a lot of personal knowledge and experience in ecommerce, online marketing, technology and corporate ownership while she brings a lot of personal experience in accounting, fashion, and jewelry. Together we were able to launch Fabagora with some really amazing deals. We’ve had quite a bit of success and we’re always looking for ways to improve! It’s really been an incredible experience to bring such an amazing product to market with someone that I care so much about. It changes our perspective on business. We’re not looking to take advantage of anyone. Our goal isn’t about being as profitable as we can. We want everyone to enjoy our products! We’ve been blessed the past year to live comfortable while thoroughly enjoying what we do! We’re so thankful for that opportunity.”

Makeup4all: What are the best seller items? What, in your opinion, is the reason for that?”

Kevin:These products literally

New in Beauty:Topshop Makeup

Last week I wrote about the Burberry makeup and now lets take a look at Topshop makeup. There were so many rumours about it but the information is already available at the official website.

97 products with the price from £4-£12 sounds nice to me. But I am still not sure if I like the design. I have tones of Topshop clothes and I love them a lot so I’d like to give makeup a try.

One more photo

Sarah Jessica Parker in Vogue USA May 2010

Sex and The City 2 is almost here so it’s obvious that soon we will see a lot of photos with the girls! And here is the first cover with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Here are some photos from the issue that I liked

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