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Hello, ladies


Last week a made this post. I wrote it because I thought that I will be away for a longer time. Next week I will also be away but this time I will be doing some work. And a lot of you were asking me what I was doing last week.  At last I have some time to write about it.

I was out of town, living in a house near the lake with my friend. Every day we woke up, cooked a great breakfast then took books and magazines and went to the lake.  So we spend time tanning and reading. I was also swimming and walked bare feet with my player 😉 Then we spend some time inside cooking and just having fun till evening. In the evening we went for a walk. Before going to bed we watched a movie every night.  We watched “Roman Holidays” with Audrey Hepburn, “Lost in Translation” with Scarlett Johansson and Life is a Miracle by Kusturitsa. I also finished reading the book about 25 great married couples (I love biographical books) and read a book by Anna Gavalda plus Vogue Russia August issue. As you can see I had a great time!

How is your summer anyway? What have you been doing or plan to do? Tell me about your vacation. I plan mine on September. I always like to have a vacation in the end of August – September. It makes me think that summer is still here 🙂  By the way, I hope you all have noticed some updates on the blog and like them. In September we will have new design and new categories. I will make a post (with a poll probably) about it soon.

Quick Update


My twitter is not working   so  this is a small update from me! I am going away for several days but I already made posts for you! Mostly about Holiday 2009 Collections, about some MAC collections and some reviews. Plus a post about ALL Fall 2009 collections. Don’t miss it! I just won’t be able to answer your comments and e-mails.And I promise to write you all back asap;) Have a nice time, ladies!

Stay beautiful, Marina

About the Weekend and Upcoming Posts

Hi, Ladies!

How was your weekend?On Saturday I had sushi and some Japanese food and on Sunday I went out of town with my family and friends. I had so much fun! We had a picnic near the lake and then went for a walk in the pine forest. Now I am ready for the week. I already made the list of the products that I want to review and I remember that I promised you posts about summer must haves. Yesterday I took photos of many products!Be sure to come back;)

my crab soup 🙂


Favourite Makeup of Emma Watson.Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince


This is just a post about Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince, Emma Watson & her Favourite makeup.

Several days ago I went to the cinema to watch Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince. I am a fan of HP and read all the books several times so I was very excited about the movie. I’m not gonna write about all pluses and minuses, because I’m already tired of such discussions 😀 but in general I liked the movie!

And did you all notice how nice Emma Watson looks now? this is a photo from the premiere. And she was on the covers of so many magazines in July and now she is a model for Burberry. There are so many cool things about her but today I would love to tell you about her favourite makeup. When she was promoting Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince  makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez was using Dior products for Watson. Her favourite Dior products are:

Updates from me

Hello, ladies!

Did you all notice the twitter icon? To find out about everything what’s going on and to talk with me – follow me here https://twitter.com/ladiesbeauty

Soon I plan to have a small trip but before it I will make for you several posts about summer must haves as I promised! I will make them done ASAP. Right now I’m just very busy preparing for my trip. Yesterday it was my brothers’ graduation from school. I had a  great makeup and I wanted to show you the photos but it was too hot in the hall and I felt really bad so I had to leave before any photos were taken :(((  I had a black dress, bold red lips and eyeliner on 🙂 I also created the look for my mother and for the girl who went on the ball with him.

And how are you all doing? I’m going to watch a movie, then read new Marie Claire and get my beauty zzzz.