Innovative Packaging: Trish McEvoy and Jouer Cosemtics

I like how innovative is the design of some makeup brands these days. For example just take a look at this Trish McEvoy’s Medium Refillable Double Decker Compact and Jouer’s cosmetics packaging which you can customize the way you want.

Isn’t it just brilliant? And here is what’s inside

Temporary Lip Tattoos and Color Wand For Lips

I like finding unique or interesting looking products and sharing with others. So here is what I’ve found recently.

Today I want to show you two different products for lips that I’ve found – one from US Sephora exclusive.

So the first one is temporary lip tattoos  called Violent Lips which you can get for $14.95 in the US and for £10 on the UK from Selfridges.

I would definitely try one of those, I imagine they would look nice on the photos.

There is also  the

Makeup for Little Girls, Would You Get It?

I guess we all have a special little girl in our life,  it may be our daughter, niece, sister, cousin or just someone we know.

In my life – it’s my precious cousin Sophia whom I adore.

And since the holidays are approaching, I totally want to spoil her with a beautiful present.  A beauty related present would be awesome as we could have fun together, me with my ‘grown -up’ makeup and Sophia  with her set for little girls.

Luckily these days there are a lot of beauty products formulated for little girls so they don’t have to ‘borrow’ their Mum’s makeup as we once did.

She looks a bit different now and her hair is so much longer but that’s the newest set of photos I have. She adores lip glosses and nail polishes.

This is why the TownleyGirl press release I’ve got the other day really caught my attention.

They offer a cruelty-free and non toxic ‘makeup’ range for little girls. They have so many different sets: Nickelodeon Victorious, Sanrio Hello Kitty, Disney Princess,  Disney Fairies and Nickelodeon  Dora The Explorer make-up kits.

For kids 3+

Disney Princess Nail Polishes, $5

5 water-based, non-toxic nail polishes featuring 5 Disney Princesses: Aurora (magenta), Cinderella (light blue), Belle (yellow), Tiana (purple) and Arielle (coral)

Disney Princess Lip Jellie, $5

5 fruit flavored sheer lip balms featuring 5 Disney Princesses: Tiana (Majestic Grape) Aurora (Strawberry & Dreams), Arielle (Wishing Watermelon) Cinderella (Royal Blueberry) and Belle (Princess Peach)

Nickelodeon Dora The Explorer Lip Gloss Set, $5

Set includes 4 fruit flavored lip glosses in

Best Of Summer on Makeup4all

Autumn is here, so it’s time to look back at summer’s most popular posts.

So make yourself some tea and cake, and have a look!

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Have a wonderful Autumn! x


Large Z Palette in Red Colour

I am totally loving the new Red- Large Z Palette which  is already available from the brand’s website and retails for $20.

The size is:  Outside 8.06″L x 4.875″W x 0.50″D. Inside 7.44″L x 4.18″W x 0.25″D

I totally need this!