20 % OFF at Bobbi Brown & Armani Cosmetics

Get 20 % OFF at Bobbi Brown during November 30 – December 2. You get the discount automatically.

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Lancome 20% Off. F&F Holiday!

Happy shopping at Lancome USA. I got  a lot of Lancome already and I will write about everything in January. What do you plan to get? Do tell!

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Reviews, Shopping and 30 % Off @ Too Faced & Urban Decay

I have so many planned posts but I this is an insane week. I have to do so many things ,both work and personal. But I have a list of the reviews that I need to write 🙂 The brands that I want to write about are Chanel, Dior, Max Factor( Second Skin foundation),  Garnier, Nivea and Inglot. I also have a lot of interesting ideas but I wish I had more time.

max factor second skin

I was wondering what is your favourite makeup product? Lately I have a big crush on blushes.  Righ now my favourite blush is  Joues Contraste by Chanel in Orchid Rose. And now I am waiting for my order which includes 4 blushes from Benefit and Nars. I also plan to get some more blushes from Illamasqua later.


One more thing which I am very excited about. I won a giveaway! For the first time in my life. Although I take part in giveaways very seldom I am very happy about this one. Beacause it’s a blush that I could not find in a long time.  Thank you, Amy!

Today  I went shopping and I can’t believe that I got only  2 creams and nothing more. But I got new Only jeans , H&M top and Dorothy Perkins shirt yesterday. By the way I really recommend you to check out DP website.  So many great items! And what is the latest thing that you bougth and love?

Dorothy perkins

And some great news for the fans of Urban Decay and Too Faced. Get 30 % OFF!!! See the details

2 More Days To Get Get 20 % Off @ Sephora FF 2009 Sale

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Get 15 % Off GO-GIRL Products. For Readers of Makeup4all!

Fashion woman with handbag walking dog

I have amazing news for you all! I got an e-mail from Go Girl Beauty Products with a special offer for my readers.  You can can 15 %off! You can read about the products here.

Unfortunately I have never tried their products but the idea of almost all of them is amazing. I would like to try therse products:

Heal-A-Heel™ (Moisture Socks)

Pleazzze, I Need Some ZEEZ!™ Ear-Plugs in Traveling Case.

So here are all the details: