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Cuddle With Color. Essie Fall 2009 Collection


Cuddle With Color Collection includes:

  1. Chinchilly: granite gray
  2. Angora Cardi: dusty rose
  3. Mink Muffs: smoky plush taupe
  4. Midnight Cami: shimmering twilight blue
  5. Bright Tights: electric orange
  6. Pink Parka: hot pink

By the way, 4 out of 6 nail polishes you can already get at Nordstorm. They are:

  1. Angora Cardi
  2. Mink Muffs
  3. Midnight Cami
  4. Pink Parka



2 Responses to “Cuddle With Color. Essie Fall 2009 Collection”
  1. xoxo~ actually I like that pink shoes!

    OMG! The polishes looks so great! So bright colors!

  2. Marina says:

    I like them a lot, too 🙂

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