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Eyes of The Day: Sparkly Eye Makeup for Holidays!

Today I want to show you an eye makeup that is perfect for holidays  and which takes only several minutes to create yourself. It’s super easy and yet looks very nice.

I was wearing it with this red lipstick and maybe I will show you the whole look later.

You will need:

And there you have it! A simple sparkly eye makeup for holidays! I hope you like it  and this was helpful 🙂

8 Responses to “Eyes of The Day: Sparkly Eye Makeup for Holidays!”
  1. NatalieDouka says:

    Isn’t the Illamasqua eyeshadow cream? You placed it over powder shadow, right? How was the aplication? I’ve never used something creamy over something powdery, I usually do the other way round.

  2. ooh very nice look! I like how you applied glitter on the center of your lid, really gives is that extra pop.

  3. Tina says:

    You did an amazing job with this look and definitely used the liquid metal in a very effective way!!!
    Great idea for a holiday makeup look!!!
    Awesome post!


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