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Korres Jasmine Body Milk Review and Photos

I’ve already reviewed Korres Jasmine Body Butter in the past and today I’d like to tell you about the Korres Jasmine Body Milk.

It is Spring and, although body doesn’t need such a thick and nourishing moisturizer as in winter, I still like using lotions/creams daily.

And here is why I love this one so much:

  • It has 93.5 natural ingredients
  • Light and non greasy texture which leaves the skin moisturized
  • It smells amazing, Jasmine makes me think of Spring, the scent stays on the skin for a  while. Actually several  people asked me about the my ‘perfumes’ when I had this lotion on.
  • It is not expensive for the quality. I’ve bought mine for £9.50 from

I think this is a great product for warmer weather! I will be definitely trying other scents from Korres!

And here is the list of the ingredients:

2 Responses to “Korres Jasmine Body Milk Review and Photos”
  1. Interesting, I’ve really only seen this in a pump bottle!

    I got some samples a while ago and liked it. Maybe I’ll buy some when I finally use up everything I have!

  2. gio says:

    Thanks for the review. The cream sounds great and the scent lovely.

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