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Nails Of the Day: Nicole by OPI Iceberg Lotus

I have been wearing Nicole by OPI Iceberg Lotus nail polish for the last several days.

First of all, I have to say that that I absolutely love the name and the colour.  But the most special thing about this nail polish is that my brother picked it up for me, I mean  the brand and the colour, it was his decision. I did not even ask for it.

I am very happy to see that he picked up something so pretty, makes me proud 🙂

On the nails it looks like a greenish  turquoise, the shade depends on the light and angle.

The formula is very smooth and applies nicely. I get the intensity that I want with three shades but since I apply thin layers, it doesn’t take forever for it to dry.

This particular shade has a great wide and thin brush which I really loved. But the other shade of Nicole by OPI (which I also got from my brother) has a narrow one. So I guess some shades have different brushes.

I have applied this nail polish on Saturday and today (Tuesday) it still looks great.

So what do you think?

And a bit off topic, what are your favourite shades from Zoya?


4 Responses to “Nails Of the Day: Nicole by OPI Iceberg Lotus”
  1. gio says:

    That looks so pretty! Love your ring too.

  2. This is gorgeous – well done to your brother! Looks amazing with that ring too

    Nic x

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