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New Bourjois Vernis 10 Jours Nail Polishes

Bourjois are bringing out a new range of nail polishes called Vernis 10 Jours which will retail for € 9.95 and will be out  this month (at least in France).

These are promised to stay on for up to 10 days and have a juicy and vibrant colour. Well, that sounds fantastic so I can’t wait to try these myself when they arrive in shops! It is also written that this nail polish will have a convenient angled brush so it makes it even more  interesting to try.

There are 12 shades and the names are:

    • 11 Un Coquelicot
    • 12 Un Blanc Nacré
    • 13 Un Rose Pastel Tendre
    • 14 Un Rose Lilas
    • 15 Un Fuchsia
    • 16 Un Corail Rosé
    • 17 Un Bougainvillier
    • 18 Un Bleu Pétrole
    • 19 Un Ultra Violet
    • 20 Un Rouge Glamour
    • 21 Un Rouge Profond
    • 22 Un Brun Chic


There are several shades that I am interested in but I am actually waiting for the new  shades of  the So Laque nail polishes in amazing vibrant shades like lime, yellow, orange, turquoise, pink and fuchsia. I actually want them ALL! Besides the nail polishes there is also a new line of bronzing products but I will write more when I get all the details.

What nail polishes do you like wearing this spring/ summer?

13 Responses to “New Bourjois Vernis 10 Jours Nail Polishes”
  1. These look fabulous, especially the petrol colour.

    Ten days though? I get bored of my nail colour after ten hours!!!

  2. ALEXUTZA says:

    Definitely orange and lilac colors for me this spring/ summer season. Interested in the few of them.

  3. Tushkan Mexikanskiy says:

    I bought 3 shades from this range at the end of April in Paris #11,#16 and #18. I can’t say that brush is very convenient. Not bad but not perfect:) And the polish is more liquid than I like. But I like the result: deep and vibrant colours.,

  4. Nadin says:

    How beautiful! Corail Rosé & Bougainvillier are perfectly made for me, even Bleu Pétrole looks lovely.

  5. gio says:

    Bleu Pétrole looks very interesting. I would love to try it.

  6. Carlota says:

    I’ve bought #15 fuchsia and it’s awesome. I love it!

  7. Tina says:

    Somehow I doubt the longevity claim, but the colours are so pretty and vibrant!!!

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