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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Metallic Lip Tars for Christmas 2012

If you are a fan of OCC’s original lip tars, you’d be happy to hear that they brought out brand new metallic lip tars as a part of their Metallurgy collection.

Here is a promo photo and Jamie Clayton wears Super NSFW Lip Tar and is draped in Triptych Lip Tar. Very holidays appropriate, right?

There are six shades, three brand new and three are a ‘sequel’ , as the brand calls it to the the shades that already exist.

  • ICED, pure white frost metallic
  • TRIPTYCH, true jewelry gold metallic
  • AUTHENTIC, full bronze/copper metallic
  • ELECTRIC GRANDMA, a metal coral, sequel to Grandma
  • SUPER NSFW, metallic red, sequel to NSFW
  • YAOI, neon pink/fuchsia, sequel to Anime

I think I’d like to try the red one.

These are already out in the US for $16 so should be out in European shops soon (£9.50-£10).


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  1. Wow! These new shades look amazing! 😀

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