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Organic Surge Eye Gel Review

I had a chance to try two products from the Organic Surge; I have recently shared my impression about their body wash, and today I want to tell you about the Eye Gel.

I personally am a big believer in a good eye product, and always use an eye cream. I have dry skin, so I prefer rich and moisturizing textures. But since such formulas can be too heavy for summer, it’s all about the eye gels now.

Organic Surge Eye Gel Review

This particular eye gel is promised to reduce puffiness and rejunevate skintone; it is enriched with aloe vera and green tea.  Luckily, I do not

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Mavala Top Coat Fixator Review

Several months ago I’ve picked up Mavala’s Quick Finish Fast Dryer Top Cat, and liked it a lot.  Since it was such a lovely product, I’ve decided to buy a new Mavala top coat to try. This time I’ve decided to try Mavala Top Coat Fixator.

And it is a nice product, as well. It meets all my requirments: makes  the nail polish shiny and glossy, doesn’t drag the nail polish when applied on top, and helps to make it dry faster. And it does make your manicure last longer!

Mavala Top Coat Fixator Review

Once again, I love the

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July Makeup Bag

It seems like it’s now a tradition to show you  what beauty and makeup products I take with me when I am away, just like in this post. So, since I am currently visiting my family, here is a quick update on what products I took with me.

To tell the truth, I barely wear any makeup these days but I did take quite a few products (and a lot of brushes) since people always ask me for a makeover.

I am very happy with the skincare that I’ve packed with me, including a lot of mini bottles which I am currently testing.  I only wish I took more than three nail polishes, as my 5-years-old-cousin loves to borrow them :)

Makeup and beauty products for travelling makeup4allSpeaking of my cousin, she insisted on inspecting my “treasures” as she described my makeup bag… When she saw the red lipstick I had,  she told me that she had to put it on me, since it’d make me look gorgeous. What can I say? She does know beauty.


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July Beauty Inspiration

It’s been a while since I’ve posted the “Beauty Inspiration” post last time, so it’s time for an update ;)

I really love these beautiful images from Bloomingdales that I’ve discovered this month. How cool and inspiring are thay, right?

My favourites have to be the one with red lips and the one with the eye liner, I am definitely going to attempt to re-crete it [that liner] myself.

beauty and makeup inspiration bloomingdalesAnd which one do you like the best?


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I have waited with a review of 111SKIN Daily Orbit Energising Youth Essence NAC Y² for such a long time that the name and the design have been changed.  Is it batter late than never? But the product is still the same, so don’t worry…

111SKIN Daily Orbit Energising Youth Essence NAC Y² Review

111Skin is a niche luxury brand, and what is so special about it you may ask? It was created by  Dr. Alexandrides with the help of the space scenarists responsible for the well-being of the astronauts.  The thing is that NAC Y² formula, which is used by the brand, is the one that astronauts use in the outer space, where the conditions are harsh and extreme ( don’t forget the no gravity and radiation factor) which causes the skin to age a lot faster.

This all sounds interesting but does it really work for us, common (wo)men, as well?

I have tried several products from the range, and I am very impressed. From my experience, not all the lines with come with a high price tag actually deliver.  Luckily,

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