NARS Portrait Of Paradise Makeup Collection for Summer 2011

So here is the collection that I’ve mentioned in the post about NARS’ summer 2011 makeup collection. It is called Portrait Of Paradise and includes three Limited Edition products.

Laguna Body Illuminator £ 33/$45

After the high demand of light-reflecting golden bronze face Illuminator comes an Illuminator designed for body application that won’t transfer onto clothing. Perfect for legs, neck and décolleté, the Body Illuminator is a limited-edition product.

Laguna Multiple £ 29/$39

Fusing an iconic shade with a cult classic formula, the brown with

Hourglass Cosmetics Aura Lip Stain in Scarlet Review and Lip Swatches

If you read my Spring 2011 Magazine edition, you’ve probably noticed that I named Hourglass Aura collection as my favourite collection for Spring.

I already wrote about the Hourglass Cheek Stain and now it’s time for a Lip Stain. These come in 3 shades and I have the most gorgeous shade which is called Scarlet and I guess you can imagine the colour of it, right?

First of all I have to mention the sleek and elegant design, the package is pretty heavy and has a luxurious feeling to it.

But what about the product and the application? I have so many thoughts so I’ve just written them all down in no particular order.

Make you that you exfoliate your lips and properly moisturize them before using the product. But don’t apply the tint straight after the moisturizer. If you don’t do it, the tint may enhance the dry parts of your lips and may look patchy.

I assume that it’s easy to use the lightest shade straight with an applicator and it’s not that difficult to use this method with the dark shades but you have to be really accurate.

This particular shade (Scarlet) needs a very precise application so I would recommend using a lip brush and a lip liner if you wish so. I personally would recommend using the lip liner after the tint so that you can correct some minor mistakes. Plus you can always use your concealer around the lips. I wrote about this trick when we were talking about red lips.

You can make your stain look quite natural or

New Lip Laquers: ArteDeco Lip Laquers And Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Colors

If you are not a huge fan of the sheer textures in lipsticks you are gonna love these new products by ArtDeco and Bare Minerals.

Both products are promised to be vibrant and smooth with a glossy and opaque coverage and a long-lasting effect.

I haven’t tried them myself yet but I am really looking forward to as these look and sound amazing. And after seeing swatches I want pretty much all the shades of these gorgeous lip laquers.

Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing


  1. Courage, Warm Strawberry
  2. Fearless, Rosy mauve
  3. Bravado, Brick rose
  4. Strength, Red
  5. Free Will, Pink Nude
  6. Ambition, Fuchsia
  7. Moxie, Bright petal pink
  8. Charisma, Coral Pink


Bright Summer Nail Polishes by Bourjois and Artdeco

It seems that nail polishes are getting more and more popular these days so brands release a lot of beautiful colourful collections for us to enjoy! I have spotted so many juicy and vibrant shades and here are just some of them.

New bright ArtDeco Ceramic Nail Laquers. I’ve actually tried their  nail laquers and I think they have a great quality.

And Bourjois have seven new So Laque shades

Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Gift Set

Last week I was browsing the US on-line beauty shops since my friend was getting some things for me and I have to tell that I’ve found so many interesting products. Too bad I couldn’t get everything I’ve wanted…

When I saw this set by Harajuku Lovers I though that it was very cute and although this is not my style at all, I can think of a lot of people who would appreciate it as a gift.

Wicked Style Gift Set ($150 Value), $100 at sephora

“In this collectable line of fragrances, the edgy-cute, super-stylish girls of Tokyo’s famous Harajuku shopping district inspired each bottle’s unique, doll-like character. With brightly colored hair and obsessively wild outfits, each of these five Harajuku characters is part of the limited-edition Wicked Style fragrance collection that features deliciously fun scents in bottles that take cues from the extreme Japanese fashion that Gwen Stefani helped to popularize in America.”

This set contains five 0.33 oz collectible eau de toilette sprays:

  • Love (purple): Fruity Floral
  • Lil’ Angel (red): Sparkling Floral
  • Music (majenta): Woody Floral
  • Baby (pink): Vanilla Floral
  • G (yellow): Fruity Floral