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Make-Up Art Cosmetics By MAC. As Seen By Richard Phillips

MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics  Richard Phillips

Collection Make-Up Art Cosmetics by MAC is divided into 3 parts and is alredy available online. This is a As MAC Cosmetics Make-Up Art Cosmetics Fall ‘09 As Seen By Richard Phillips (Painter)

Richard Phillips surprised even himself with this project. Using the expert skills of a photo-retoucher, he subjected his own painting to a M·A·C makeover with the new eye shadows, blushes and lipsticks. Andy Warhol did a cameo on The Love Boat in 1985…and in the same spirit, Richard Phillips’ 1998 painting, Spectrum, made its debut on an episode of the scandalous Gossip Girl – a sign of the times! Recycled and re-imagined ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s advertisments and images, and every colourful issue ever considered when pondering the question of “identity” is what Richard Phillips is all about. His bold and beautiful portraits are highly technical, a refinement of precise, academic painting, so relevant to everything M·A·C artistry is all about. A collection of Eye Shadow quads, Lipsticks, Lipglass, and The Perfect Cheek Blush just leap off the canvas!

Lipglass ($14)

1. On Display Purple with yellow pearl

2. New Spirit Light yellow coral

3. Personal Taste Mid-tone rose with pink gold pearl

4. Young Thing Yellow neutral with gold pear

Lipstick ($14)

1. Full Body Deep red plum (Lustre)

2. Hold the Pose Brown plum with gold pearl (Lustre)

3. Front Lit Light white yellow (Frost)

Make-Up Art Cosmetics by MAC. As Seen By Maira Kalman

MAC Make-Up Art  Maira Kalman

Collection Make-Up Art Cosmetics by MAC is divided into 3 parts and is alredy available online. This is a As Seen By Maira Kalman Collection(Illustrator)

Famous for her whimsical visual diaries, Maira Kalman performed a bit of magic with M·A·C’s new Technakohl Eye Liners and Eye Shadows, instantly drafting a captivating look at a stranger. Cheeky, witty, always amusing, Maira’s illustrations are cute and colourful, wonderfully child-like, playful…and sophisticated all at once. Warm and eccentric at the same time, Maira’s faces are full of cock-eyed optimism, with the tiniest smidge of city-girl-snobbism…simply, scrumptiously, stupendously sublime!

Eyeshadow ($14.50 U.S. / $17.00 CDN)

Off the Page Dirty mustard orange ( Frost)

Maira’s Magic Yellow pink ( Satin)


Crest the Wave Rich yellow (Frost)

Haunting Light turquoise blue (Satin)

Purple Shower Dirty blue pink (Satin)

Violet Trance Deep blue purple (Matte)

Technakohl Liner ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  1. Colour Matters Bright lime
  2. Obviously Orange Dirty coral
  3. Artistic License Bright turquoise blue
  4. Full of Fuchsia Deep blue magenta
  5. Graphblack Rich graphic black (Permanent)

mac-maira kalman

5 Xtreme Wear Nail Polishes by Sally Hansen. Swatches

nails I already made a post about Sally Hansen Nail Polishes and the one about Purple and Berry Nail Polishes: Swatches. But now I have one more Sally Hansen nail polish – Chocolate Nut. So here are the updates and the swatches of 5 Xtreme Wear nail polishes by Sally Hansen:

20 Brick Wall – crimson

24 Black Out – black

30 Chocalate Nut – shimmery brown

36 Crushed – shimmery coral

37 Blue It – shimmery blue


sally hansen

Christian Siriano For VS Makeup. Fall 2009

“This Fall the inspiration is Egypt: the warmth of the desert, the blue of the Nile. It’s about the juxtaposition of soft fabrics and strong shapes.”

Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano For VS Makaeup. Fall 2009

Fashion phenom Christian Siriano makes his beauty debut with this exclusive limited-edition collection for new VS Makeup. The collection interprets the themes of his Fall 2009 fashion collection with soft, luxurious textures and strong, rich colors. Domestic.

Christian Siriano Silky Eye Shadow, $12

Unveil eye-catching color. Pigment-rich formula with satiny texture drapes lids in pure color.

Available in 5 shades:

  1. Gilded Fierce -black with gold sparkle
  2. Sahara –  nude
  3. Oasis – greenish blue
  4. Sandstorm – cooper
  5. Royalty – deep chocolate

Christian Siriano Silky Eye Shadow VS makeup fall 2009

Christian Siriano Lip Gloss, $12

Find gloss perfection. Lasting shine and rich color to wear alone for pure gloss or to layer over lipstick.

Available in 3 shades:

  1. Chic – deep berry
  2. Embrace – champagne
  3. Sublime- warm coral

VS lip gloss

Christian Siriano Bronzer/Highlighter Trio, $16.

New Permanent Collections for Lips and Eyes by Estee Lauder

Estée Lauder NEW Double Wear Lips

Did you know that you can already buy  items from  New permanent collections Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lipstick, Lip Pencil and Time Zone Anti-Line/Wrinkle Eye Creme by Estee Lauder online (and not only online)? You should check And here are some details about the collections.

Lip Collection

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lipstick($22.00)  is available in 12 shades:

  1. Stay Rose
  2. Stay Pink
  3. Stay Pinkberry
  4. Stay Raspberry
  5. Stay Mauve
  6. Stay Plumberry
  7. Stay Mocha
  8. Stay Ginger
  9. Stay Coral
  10. Stay Scarlet
  11. Stay Cranberry
  12. Stay Ruby

Products details

  • With 12-hour staying power, the color you love is here to stay.
  • All-day silky. All-day comfortable. All-day gorgeous.
  • Rich, stay-in-place color is creamy and smooth, with a satin shine.
  • Apply once and don’t think twice about it.
  • Removes easily with Take It Away makeup remover.

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lipstick estee lauder

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lip Pencil($19) is available in 14 shades:

  1. Pink
  2. Fuschia
  3. Rose
  4. Wine
  5. Plummy
  6. Tearose
  7. Spice
  8. Mocha