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Photo Of The Day: Nude Eye Shadow Palettes

Let the photo speak for itself!

Too Faced Natural Eye (review and swatches), Urban Decay Naked(review and swatches) and theBALM Nude ‘Tude palettes (review coming soon).

How many nude palettes does one need anyway? Which one do you like the best?

13 Responses to “Photo Of The Day: Nude Eye Shadow Palettes”
  1. Aaah this looks like a dream. I actually don’t have many nudes palettes, I have UD Naked, which I love, but I mostly love and use my two 28 palettes full of Mac neutrals and nudes. I think that’s the ones I’d save if the house were on fire 🙂

  2. Monty says:

    I love LOVE love my UD Naked Palette!! I use it all the time. it’s probably one of my ‘go to when I can’t think of what to wear’ palettes.

    Must say though, am really liking the look of the Too Faced palette 🙂

  3. maurine says:

    Please, could you do a comparison with swatches between you nude paletes!I’m so indecise!Please, please, please! i though so funny your name, marina, cuz is the name of my favorite brazilian beauty bloggers, and she is beautiful and brunette just like you.!

    Kisses !

  4. Lovely rita says:

    I have the Too Faced one and it’s really worth its price, really useful and pretty, i absolutely recommend it. But then i’m soooo in love with The Balm palette…definitely you can’t have just one!

  5. Faye says:

    Hey, I was wondering. I own both the too faced natural eye kit and the balms nude’tude. I love them and I love neutral shadows. But is it worth getting the naked palette aswell (naked one, I don’t really like naked two). Would it be a proper addition or just a waste of money?

    • Marina says:

      Hi Faye,
      I have got mine to take with me when I do freelance makeup job because it saves space. On myself I prefer the Too Faced palette and I also want to get Meet Matte from theBalm for my personal use. So I guess, it’s up to you to decide.
      By the way, have you tried Rouge Bunny Rouge or Hourglass eye shadows? They are not cheap, but totally worth it, in my opinion.

      • Faye says:

        Hi Marina, I haven’t tried rouge bunny rouge or hourglass yet. I would love to though, specially the rouge bunny rouge shadows, but they aren’t really available in my country so maybe I will order some. I think I will pass on the naked palette, I really don’t need it and I am in love with my too faced palette. Thank you for your reply

        • Marina says:

          You are welcome. I would recommend for both brands, people that work there are lovely and very helpful. I am always happy with my shopping experience with them!

  6. Paula says:

    Son fantásticas y el precio también es bueno, tienen muy buena pigmentación y el color se mantiene en el parpado todo el día además por lo menos a mí no me dan alergia las de the balms o balm si lo hacen. Saludos a todas

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