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Pupa Lasting Color Glossy Nail Polish # 704. Review and Swatches

I love black nail polish, I really do.  I remember when I wore it for the first time to school and how some people thought that it was too much but I loved it.  (These days a teen with black nails is nothing to be surprised about but back then it was not  a very common thing; at least in my school).

Now that I have a lot of nail polishes in rotation, I’ve realized that it’s been a while since I had a black manicure. So here we go.

I am wearing Pupa Lasting Color Glossy Nail Polish # 704 and I am very impressed with the quality actually. It doesn’t look stripy at all. I also like the application and the brush.

On the photo I am wearing a thick (but one) layer of nail polish and no top coat. It looks even better with two coats and Seche Vite.

This is my first Pupa nail polish and I’ve got it for ~ €6. I am definitely getting more shades.

9 Responses to “Pupa Lasting Color Glossy Nail Polish # 704. Review and Swatches”
  1. blondycandy says:

    Pupa is so nostalgic brand for me – my first makeup palette was Pupa!
    Thank you for showing this beautiful nail polish.

  2. Дарья says:

    Всем хорош, но очень быстро скалывается, даже с покрытием

  3. gio says:

    I love Pupa polishes too! They have good color payoff, last long and the formula is easy to work with. And that black is so pretty!

  4. That’s a lovely black, but I have to say the best black shade I’ve ever tried is from Bourjois. Noir De Chine or something like that. Jet black with a beautiful high shine finish. =)

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