Skincare for Men: Clarins Men Scrub, Face Wash and Moisture Balm

I assume that a lot of women pick skincare for their husbands/boyfriends  instead of them doing that, so I though I’d show you the products my boyfriend loves using now. (And, yes, as I have picked those).

He used to use a lot of Anthony Logistics (see here and here) but since he finished most of the products, it was time to more forward. Funny how he is ok with re-purchasing those products, but I kind of insist on trying something new all the time. I am a fan of Clarins skincare and use a lot of it myself, so I’ve decided to get something from from Clarins Men, too.

So here is what I’ve picked up:

ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm £27/$25 for 50 ml. This is actually an award winning (GQ and CEW) firming – anti-pollution product.

ClarinsMen Active Face Wash Foaming Gel £19/$18.50 for 125 ml

Clarins Men Active Face Scrub. I have got it in summer but turns out that it is now discontinued. The new product is called Clarins Men Exfoliating Cleanser (£20 for 125 ml). This is actually bad news for the boyfriend, as, according to him, the scrub is the best one he’d tried.

It looks like all three products are really nice as he uses them religiously, every day, without a fail, and seems to be happy with the results. And I can say that his skin does feel smooth and soft and looks better in general.

I also like that the scent is not overwhelming  but is subtle and nice. It is also important to mention that the balm does not make the skin oily or shiny and absorbs nicely.

It’s his Birthday in October so I think I should get him an eye cream, among other things. And maybe some face masks? (Anything you can recommend?) I can’t believe that he started using all those things!

And, yes, that is a small towel for face in a  navy colour on the first photo. He has several…

Here is an overview of some Anthony Logistics products I have mentioned in this post. You can also see some Korres and La Roche Posay.

My brother is currently using Jack Black by the way. Maybe I should do a post about his picks, maybe it will be helpful for guys in their early 20’s (I have a baby brother).

 And what skincare does your husband/boyfriend uses? Does he get it himself or you do? Any favourites? 




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