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SUQQU Brushes. Would You Get Them?

I’ve heard a lot about SUQQU brushes and how incredible they are, so I though that I would love to get those for myself. Until I saw the prices. I can see myself getting the eye brushes, although they are pricey,  I can justify spending around £50 on a brush but as for the face brushes…



SUQQU Cheek Brush is £85.00 “Award winning luxurious brush for natural finishing application of colour to your cheeks.” And SUQQU Face Brush is… £168.00 (!!!) “Award winning luxurious brush with an abundance of soft hair that delivers powder gently and evenly”

Yes, I still want to buy them and I am sure that they are amazing but unfortunately right now I can’t afford spending that much on a brush. I think I could get the Cheek Brush after all but the Face one?! Not now at least, which is a shame, as I would really love to own these.


14 Responses to “SUQQU Brushes. Would You Get Them?”
  1. Magi says:

    The same here. I don’t know what this brush could make better than others. On the other hand I see a huge difference between $5 and $50 brushes, but more in comfort and handling than in results. But I am super curious

  2. Lee says:

    I’ve actually got both, and when the face brush was still £150 and the cheek brush £80…the thing is, after you own the face brush, you wouldn’t wanna go for others (Chanel, Shu…most of my brushes are from these few makes)…
    Regarding the cheek brush I think you can skip…it’s too soft or, if you have very pigmented blushes like NARS, then it will work.
    🙂 Very good brushes nonetheless x

  3. Meeta says:

    Woah, that is expensive. I don’t mind spending more for quality but I don’t think I could spend that much on a brush when there are so many brands out there that do lovely brushes.

    • Marina says:

      Most of my brushes are MAC and Lancome which are nice but I think those are worth it if so many people say they are. Would really love to see for myself.

  4. Sim says:

    If you have the opportunity to go to Japan, check out Chikuhodo, I have seen somewhere that they produce brushes for Suqqu as Hakuhodo produce brushes for MAC.

  5. ilaria says:

    I have these 2 face brushes, 3 eye shadow ones (£45 each lst year) and the lip brush.
    Amazing. As mentioned the cheek one works wonders on very powdery and pigmented blushers but i also use it for contouring and powder.
    The eye brushes are amazing to create light shadows and are so gentle on the eyes!!

  6. Alexandra says:

    As lovely as they may be,i just could not justify paying that much money on makeup brushes. Im more than happy with my mac and sigma brushes. If i had that much to spend i would rather get more for my money then one brush. My mum taught me to be a bargain hunter lol.

    • Marina says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      I guess we all are bargain hunters in some way haha. But I am sure that these brushes will be in great condition for ages so I am considering the purchase 😉

  7. gio says:

    I would love to try these brushes as they sound awesome. But even though I don’t mind paymore for good quality brushes (after all they can last for years if you take care of them properly), I can’t really afford them at the moment… I could maybe justify getting the eye brush, but definitely not the others now

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