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 It is always glaringly obvious when a woman chooses the wrong foundation to match her skin tone. When a woman’s face is a completely different color than that of her neck, it defeats the purpose of applying makeup in the first place.

The purpose of applying makeup is to cover blemishes, even out skin tone, give your skin a healthy, natural glow and draw out natural beauty.

When a woman wears the wrong foundation, it draws attention to her for completely the wrong reasons. With the following beauty tips, you will not only be able to select the right foundation for your skin tone but for your skin type as well.

First Beauty Tip: Determine Your Skin Tone

Before you even step up to the make-up counter, you need to determine your skin tone.Knowing your skin tone will help you find the right shade of foundation to match your skin, which is very important for your overall look.

There are four different groups of skin tones and every woman falls into one of these groups. You will have a pink skin tone, yellow skin tone, olive skin tone, or brown skin tone.

Individuals with pink skin tones have a tendency to burn easily. Women with yellow skin tones tend to be Caucasian, Asian, or a light mixed race. Mediterranean, Latino, and fair-skinned African American women typically have an olive skin tone. This leaves the brown skin tone, which is typically seen with darker-skinned African American women and Indian women with darker complexions. Once you have figured out your skin tone, finding the right foundation will be a lot easier.

 Second Beauty Tip: Knowing What Foundation Will Work with Your Skin Type

With so many different kinds of foundations on the market, another important aspect of getting the right foundation for you is determining your skin type. Each make-up company offers a variety of foundations with different formulas to work with different skin types rather than against them. Here are the different skin types and the foundations will work best for each.

  •   Normal Skin – If you have normal skin you are
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