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About My Vacation: Food Edition

As I promised I will share with you about my vacation! I will make several posts and will have a giveaway in the end so don’t miss it! I’d love to know your opinion and you are very welcome to leave comments and questions. So here we go.


Yummy fruits

I really love to read posts about food and watching photos of it. I love cooking and I love taking photos of the food that I like from different restaurants (not all the time of course). Maybe this is strange to some of you but I truly love doing it and it brings a lot of memories to me when I look through the photos later. But on the other hand, I know that a lot of you are just like me. So here are some photos of food that I enjoyed during my vacation.


This is the best banana shake I’ve ever tried. I had it every single day. Sometimes I got several! Now I think about buying a blender.

I know that this is not logical to start with the food without the general impression + information and photos about the country but I am really in a mood to talk about food and drinks today. Plus today I just finished watching Julie and Julia. I highly recommend you this movie. I really loved it for a lot of reasons. You’d love it if you like food, cooking and… blogging 😉

julie-and-julia for blog

I LOVED this movie

I always love reading posts of other girls about food (hi Mona ) and finding out what they like eat and cook. It’s such an inspiration for me! So I would love to hear about your favorite dishes and maybe links to your favourite cook books and recipes 😉

As you can see I really love