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Beautiful Ladies: 12 Reasons to Like Autumn Masquerade and Krasey Beauty

Month ago a Made a post about my favorite beauty blogger – Karen. Today I would like to tell you about other 2  great blogs. You may ask what do they have in common? Beauty and both ladies live in the USA. But this is not my point.  These 2 ladies were the first who became my friends among all beauty bloggers.  So I would like to say thank you to Betsy and Adina for their friendship and support. And introduce them and their blogs to my readers. I will give you 12 reasons to love them!

Autumn Masquerade

Autumn Masquerade

Read about Betsy here

Unfortunately I can not use the photo of Betsy from Autum Masquarade but I assure you that she looks really nice 🙂

1. The point of every blog is to share your opinion and communicate with your readers. And I can say that this is true about Autumn Masquerade. Betsy is a very friendly person and she always answers all her readers question, shares with the latests sales and on her blog and you can always find the dates of the latest launches.  If you already read her blog I recommend you to check it out because she has new design.

2. Do you love sales? Everyone does;) I have great news for you. Autumn Masquerade has sales coming on quite often. I wrote about one of them on my blog.

3. If you are looking for great reviews of high-end products with photos – you should definitely