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FOM London Jet Set Essential Beauty Kit

FOM London Jet Set Essential Beauty Kit comes beautifully packaged in a black box with a crimson ribbon. It shows how the brand pays attention to the details, and wants their customers to enjoy everything about their service, from the look to the performance of the products.

Besides the pleasing aesthetic side of the kit, you get a well-thought about packaging: mini glass bottles with the pumps! How convenient is that? You don’t need to worry about getting the product all over and creating a mess. Moreover, you don’t waste any product that way.

FOM London Jet Set Essential Beauty Kit  review

And what products are inside the set?

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I do love a  good cleansing balm, and  always enjoy trying new ones when I finish one of those that I currently use.

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting CleanserThis week Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser caught my attention. It is described as a  “unique, transformative three-in-one cleanser that melts on contact into a luxurious oil to

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I have waited with a review of 111SKIN Daily Orbit Energising Youth Essence NAC Y² for such a long time that the name and the design have been changed.  Is it batter late than never? But the product is still the same, so don’t worry…

111SKIN Daily Orbit Energising Youth Essence NAC Y² Review

111Skin is a niche luxury brand, and what is so special about it you may ask? It was created by  Dr. Alexandrides with the help of the space scenarists responsible for the well-being of the astronauts.  The thing is that NAC Y² formula, which is used by the brand, is the one that astronauts use in the outer space, where the conditions are harsh and extreme ( don’t forget the no gravity and radiation factor) which causes the skin to age a lot faster.

This all sounds interesting but does it really work for us, common (wo)men, as well?

I have tried several products from the range, and I am very impressed. From my experience, not all the lines with come with a high price tag actually deliver.  Luckily,

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I have very dry skin, so  a good glow-giving product is a must have for me! And in general, I personally am not a big fan of matte, often flat, looking complexion, so am always on a mission to discover new products that could help. Will make a feature about my top picks soon.

And today I want to tell you about one of those. And it’s the Elemis’ Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm.

Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm ReviewThis is a new generation hybrid of a skincare and primer, in my opinion , since it works great as both.

I personally use it as I would use a primer, meaning that I apply my moisturizer, wait for some time, than apply the Flash Balm, and apply the makeup straight away. This is how it works for me personally the best.

So what it does?

  • From my experience the product gives immediate results, it’s a great way to “cheat” a healthy complexion even after a  bad nights sleep or a stressful day. And with the modern busy lifestyle we all experience that from time to time, unfortunately.
  • Flash Balm smooths
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I am a big fan of cleansing balms and melting cleansers mostly because they work great for my dry and sensitive skin, and  also because I love to massage my face while using a cleanser.

It all started with Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel (review) back in 2011, and I never looked back! Over the years I have now tried quite a few, so decided to make a lill’ round-up. Maybe, if you are looking for such kind of cleanser, this will be helpful.

Cleansing Balms and Melting Cleansers Round-Up REN, Elemis, Clinique, Clarins, terre dOC


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