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Noirs Obscurs (Dark Blacks)Collection by Chanel.Fall 2009

Black, a great and absolutely no color, can create unforgettable different style, can be elegant, can be sexy, can be wild.

Peter Phillips

Looks like that not only MAC is going to launch the “Black” Collection. Chanel also launches Dark Black Collection. So are you more a Chanel or MAC girl? I already made a post about this collection but here are more details. This collection totally blows my mind it’s just GORGEOUS!!! WOW!!! Mind that it is available in  very limited quantity.

chanel black1

In 1926 Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel published a picture of a short, simple black dress in Vogue. It was calf-length, straight, and decorated only by a few diagonal lines. Vogue called it “Chanel’s Ford.” Like the Model T, the little black dress was simple and accessible for women of all social classes. Vogue also said that the LBD would become “a sort of uniform for all women of taste.” X-Celebrating the return of black in fashion, Chanel released a new makeup collection which will include all tones of jewel like blacks, and avaible in very limited quantities.

chanel black

Rouge Allure Lipstick

  1. Obscure Dar (chocolate coffee, brown – black)
  2. Maniac Blood (infused black)
  3. Hysteria Lush purple  (black velvet)

chanel lipsticks

Quator Boutons de Chanel in Les Folies Noires

Mysterious dark jewel toned quad with double-c logo.