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Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Eye Shadows When Birds Are Singing in Umber Firefinch Review and Swatches

Rouge Bunny Rouge launched six new eye shadows this year and I have already shown you three of them  and today I want to show you the fourth shade, which is my personal favourite so far.

It is called Umber Firefinch  and is described as iridescent dark umber chocolate. I would describe it as a cool toned chocolate brown with a very subtle  shimmer, it is not even shimmer, iridescence is a good word to describe it actually.

Because of this iridescence, this is a complex colour and it doesn’t look flat on the eyes, in fact, you can get a beautiful eye makeup with this shade only. This is exactly the reason why these eye shadows are so popular, I would say.

I have already written a detailed review about RBR eye shadows so you can

Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour Burst Lipstick Hues of Enchantment in Scrumptiously Devious Review and Lip Swatches

Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour Burst Lipstick Hues of Enchantment comes in a beautiful black and white  classic design.

The shade that I have is called Scrumptiously Devious and I’d say that it is very unique. It is a  pinkish lavender with warm golden/peachy sheen to it. Or this is how I see it at least… (Actually Zuneta discribes it very similar). This shade is really wearable and would suit a lot of women. However, I personally like it much better on my slightly tanned/warmer skin.

On the lips it feels very comfortable, light and non-drying. It glides on easily and gives a beautiful polished sheen. You could built up the colour or blot it with your fingers to leave just a hint of colour as I love it myself.

Believe it or not, but I do think that it leaves my lips soft and hydrated. But please keep in mind that mine are in a good condition (at least now) to begin with.

RBR say that this lipstick is enriched with Vitamin E, botanicals such as Orchid Flower Extract, Meadowfoam, Manoi Butter or Inca Inchi Oil depending on the finish of the lipstick.

Here are the swatches

Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Moisturiser Sketches on Water Review and Swatches of All Shades

Summer is here so it’s time for a light coverage  foundation or, even better, tinted moisturizer. This is why I think it’s a perfect time to tell you about the Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Tinted Moisturiser Sketches on Water (£46).

It comes in three shades and I had a sample of each shade which was enough to properly try the product and swatch the shades for you.

The shades that available are:

  • ADANSONIA, Transparent wash of pale milky beige
  • SEQUOIA, Transparent wash of pinkish beige
  •  QUERCUS, Transparent wash of warm tawny mid-beige

Here is how they look like. I should have taken a photo earlier as there is hardly anything left and the product is a bit dried out (I’ve had it for months) but you can still see how each shade looks like which  is the most important thing here.

As you can imagine, this TM would

Rouge Bunny Rouge Keeper And New Eye Shadows Review and Swatches

Several days ago I have posted the information about the new Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadow palettes and refills.

And I actually have three new shades and a palette to show you.  Here is the packaging  looks like…

The palette itself also has the iconic RBR flowers on top. You can also see three little holes in the palette which is a great idea as they allow you to push the needle through when you need to get the eye shadow out.

And here is how the eye shadows look like inside.  The shades that I have are:

  • Golden Rhea – Iridescent pale gold, pure and simple
  • Lilac Reef Curassow – Pale lilac with iridescent effect
  • Trumpeter Koel – Dark lead-grey with lilac-blue iridescence

The original eye shadows are 2.4 g (£22) and these are 2 g (£16) so they are a bit smaller but also cheaper.

You may know that Bejewelled Skylark is my most favourite eye shadow so I was excited to try new shades from RBR and here is my opinion.

The eye shadows are

Rouge Bunny Rouge Glassy Gloss Sweet Excesses in Jungle Fudge Review and Lip Swatches

I have already written about the Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations lip gloss but they also have Glassy Gloss lip gloss which comes in six shades.

I’ve got one shade as a Christmas present from Zuneta and RBR. (Thank you!)

The shade that I have is called Jungle Fudge (£22) and is described as cushiony-soft semi-sheer metallic finish cool copper, with a glint of silver pearls. And it’s a perfect description.

Mine looks a bit strange because I’ve managed to drop it

 I personally would probably never get such shade for myself so that is cool to try something  different!

I find the Glassy Gloss moisturizing, hydrating and nourishing, it looks nice even on the dry lips and definitely makes them feel better. It is rather thick, which I personally love a lot, but not sticky.  The product has a decent staying power. Jungle Fudge has a fruity scent which makes me think of mango.

Here is the swatch in the direct sunlight