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Would You Get a Chanel Tattoo?

Have you seen the new Spring 2010 Collection by Chanel? (I am not talking about the Makeup Collection Les Impressions de Chanel). I absolutely loved everything about it. The song by Lily Allen, the show, clothes, models, makeup, hair, Lagerfeld! Just everything! Also there was one thing that caught my attention and I am talking about those amazing “tattoos”! I love love LOVE them.

Guess what? You want to have a tattoo but are afraid to get a real one (well, I am not because I already have  it)? You love Chanel and beauty? I have great news for you! These amazing “tattoos”  from the show will be available in March. British Beauty Blogger knows the details for the UK: You will be able to find 55 individual “tattos”  at Selfridges  for £49.  So what do you think? I WANT those!

This one is ah-mazing. Fabulous!

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