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Stila Makeup Collection and Kits for Holiday 2013

I am very impressed with the new Stila collection for the holidays, so many amazing sets which would make a perfect gift. And I am even thinking about the blush and the BB creams sets for myself. :adds to wish list:

Stila Makeup Collection and Kits for Holiday 2013

Everything is already out in the USA, so European shops should get these beauties soon, too.

Let’s take a look.

Portrait of a Perfect Pout 

  • Neutral Lip: dreamy, delicate, demure, darling, divine, delightful
  • Vibrant Lip: hey baby, pink flamingo, rosy posy, sangria, siren, merlot

Portrait of a Perfect Blush: golden, illume, pretty pink, precious pink, rosé

Portrait of a Perfect Eye: parchment, organza, vintage, linen, antique, rosewood

All palettes above retails for $16 each.

Stila Makeup Collection and Kits for Holiday 2013 eyes lips and cheeks palettes

Color Me Glossy Lip Glaze Set ($28)

Contains 3 Lip Glaze

Laura Mercier Beauty and Makeup Sets for Christmas 2012

Laura Mercier has a fantastic selection of makeup and beauty sets this Christmas.

Besides the Art Deco Muse collection, which is all about the red and gold shades and new products, such as Illuminating Eye Colour and Lip Lacquer, there are a lot of amazing value sets.

I don’t even know which one I like the best, to tell the truth. You can get pretty much everything: lip glosses, eye pencils, brushes set and lip-cheek-eyes palettes and save a lot of  money. What is not to like?

Mini Lip Glace Collection, £31/€45/$48

Soft Nudes: Bare Pink, Sweetheart (LE), Bijoux(LE) Bare Baby LE, was featured in Nude Lip Glace launch), Bare Blush.  

Rich Berries Violet, Rose, Cerise(LE) Sangria (LE), Bare Beige. Smoky Effects Mini Kohl Eye Pencil Collection, £31/€45/ $48

8 Kohl Eye Pencils: Black Violet, Brown Copper, Stormy Grey, Black Gold, Black Turquoise, Black Navy, Antique Jade, Jet Black – New, LE Glamour Wardrobe Dual Decker Colour for Eyes, Cheeks & Lips, £65/€98/$98

8 Eye Colours:  Buttercream – Matte,  Peridot – Luster (LE), Heather Plum – Luster(LE), Midnight Navy – Sateen (LE), Sable – Sateen, Sandstone – Sateen,  Cherrywood – Luster (LE), Coffee Ground – Matte.

5 Lip Glazes: Chambord, Sugarplum, Papaya, Dolce, Brush 4 Sheer Creme Cheek Colours: Rose Glow, Pink Veil, Golden Glow, Bronze Veil

4 Brushes: Travel Pony Tail Brush (for eye), Double-Ended Crease/Smudge Brush (for eye), Travel Lip Colour Brush

 Colour-To-Go Portable Palettes for Eyes, Cheeks & Lips£30/€45/$48

Cool Neutrals: 3 Eye Colours in