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Too Faced Midnight in the Garden of Glamour Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

Here is yet another Fall 2011 makeup collection which is actually already available in the US.

Collection includes:

New Smokey Eye Shadow Collection, $36.00

Color: Firefly (silvery taupe), White Lie (sugar white), In A Flash (silver shimmer), Cloves (bronzey brown), Nice Ash (charcoal), Smoking Jacket (black plum), Up In Smoke (black brown), Smokin Hot (matte black), Smolder (matte navy)

I really love their palettes and this one looks amazing.

Exotic Color Intense Eye Shadow Single, $18

These have an interesting flower design, don’t you think?

  • COP A TEAL,Peacock Blue
  • FIREFLY, Antique Gold Shimmer
  • NICE STEMS!, Golden Clover
  • COPPER PEONY, Copper Sun
  • MIDNIGHT MIST, Midnight Sapphire
  • PETALS TO THE METAL, Metallic Brown / Blue
  • FRILLY LILLY, White Crystal Shimmer
  • POISON ORCHID, Midnight Amethyst
  • VOILET FEMME,Lavender
  • ENCHANTED GARDEN,Golden Expresso
  • MAGIC MUSHROOM, Neutral pink shimmer
  • NIGHT NYMPH, Black Silver Shimmer


Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eye Liner, $18

Blackened Plum sounds amazing, would love to try it.

  • PERFECT BLACK ORCHID, Blackened Plum
  • PERFECT STORM, Charcoal


Shadow Insurance in Lemon Drop, $18

New Shadow Insurance Lemon Drop Color Correcting Eye Shadow Primer. This primer has been infused with a” perfect lemon-yellow tone that neutralizes redness and ruddiness while ensuring eye shadow shades are clear and true every time.”

Now this sounds interesting, will take a look at it when it comes out.

Size Queen Mascara in Black, $21

” The gigantic, dual-helix brush and keratin-infused, curl-setting formula work synergistically to create magnificent, multi=dimensional lashes instantly!” The brush looks interesting indeed.

Shadow Brush Essential 3-piece Set , $39

“After over 20 years in the industry, Jerrod Blandino brings you a makeup artists tool kit featuring the three, must-have eye brushes that everyone from the professional expert to he beauty beginner needs to build every eye look possible: Liner / Smudger, Lid / Smoker and Crease / Blender.” Looks like an affordable price for three brushes plus a girly pink design.

I actually like this collection and would definitely want to have the new palette and the shadows insurance. Although I have to say that it’s a bit strange that this collection is already available.

3 Responses to “Too Faced Midnight in the Garden of Glamour Fall 2011 Makeup Collection”
  1. lace wigs says:

    Gorgeous!Too expensive for me.

  2. gio says:

    The Shadow Insurance in Lemon Drop sounds interesting, would love to try it.

  3. Connie says:

    Agree! I am sure that these are all great products but the price is somewhat expensive. I just hope someone will give me these as a present. hehe!

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