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Yves Saint Laurent Holiday 2010 Makeup Collection

Thought I’d post  a preview of YSL holiday 2010 makeup collection from Teen Vogue’s beauty editor.

Too bad that the shadows are not in the picture, I’d really love to see the shades because I do love YSL  shadows. But I as for the other products I absolutely love the colour of the gloss and the liptick (the  mauve one). And maybe the last nail polosh which is silvery grey but it’s quite hard to tell from this photo.

3 Responses to “Yves Saint Laurent Holiday 2010 Makeup Collection”
  1. pelin says:

    Mauve lipstik is really good!

  2. vonnie says:

    love the nail polishes and brown/gold lipstick!

  3. gio says:

    The mauve lipstick looks beautiful!

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