10 Random Beauty Facts About Me

A  lot of readers told me that they love reading personal posts, so here is one, for a change. This time it’s  10 random beauty facts about me, but next time I can write random facts about myself. I love reading those about people that I follow, so maybe that is something you’d  like to read about me, too.

So, here we go 🙂

1. Recently I have been loving only red(ish) nail polishes, I even wrote a feature about it. Whenever I put on something else, it feels “wrong”. In fact, I am giving away some of my varnishes to one girl I know who is very into nail art.

Red crimson plum berry nail polishes Makeup4all2. Although I have tonnes of eye pencils and liners, 90% of the time I will use Lancome’s Le Crayon Khol in Brun Noir. For me – it is perfection.


3. I am almost useless when it comes to hair styling.  A good friend of mine is a hair stylist, and  she showed me different ways to style my hair, and gave me so many tips. It looks so easy when she does it, but when I try  – the results are not even close.

4. Most of the time I just wash my hair with a shampoo and use several drops of oil through the ends.  Yes, I don’t like conditioners, and rarely use hair masks. When I am in the mood, I can use SachaJuan’s Ocen Mist, but then my (male) friends tell me that I need to brush it. Is it a myth that men like “I just got out of bed hair”? Hmmm

Sacha Juan Ocean Mist Review5. I was avoiding perfumes for a very long time, I was almost suffocating whenever I wore any. But several years ago, I’ve decided to experiment with fragrances more, and give them one more chance. Now I spritz them very lightly. My signature scent has to be Jo Malone’s Vanilla & Anise. By the way, there is  nothing I hate more than someone wearing a lot of perfume.

Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise Cologne My Signature Scent review6.  I always encourage my girlfriends to wear red and dark lipsticks! And I am actually thrilled when they try & love it. I’ve also got several e-mails from readers telling me that I inspired them to wear red/dark lipstick, that made me extremely happy!

Red Lipsticks Lancome and Ellis Faas Makeup4all

7. I used to love very long nails, the longer – the better. But now I always cut & file them down.

Nails OPI and A England manicure makeup4all8.  I’ve changed my hair colour all the time, I was blonde, redhead, raven-dark brunette. But I’ve stopped it several years ago now, when I was about 23-24, and I am actually happy with my natural hair colour. You can see it here.

9. I am a hand cream addict, and I always have to have one with me.

10.  Sleeping mask was the best beauty invention EVER!

March 2014 Beauty Favorutes Makeup4all Jo malone Marc Jacobs  NYX



  1. Love reading all those random facts about you! And that’s the first time I’ve seen that picture of you – you’re beautiful!!


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