12 New Eye Shadows and 12 New Eye Liners by Yves Saint Laurent

I already wrote about the new Noir Radical Luxurious Mascara by Yves Saint Laurent but I am sure that you want to know about the other eye products from the brand! New Eye Shadows and new Eye Liners. And they look damn good to me!

I love shadows by YSL and you can see my favourite palette on the photo which I posted on twitter several months ago. I promise to write a review soon. But now I can tell you 3 words: I LOVE IT!

But back to the new collection.

There are 12  single eye shadows Ombre Solo: 6 light shades and 6 dark shades, $30

YSL introduces OMBRE SOLO. Easy to apply, with a silky soft and rich texture, the colour remains vibrant and pure for hours. Blending is effortless; colour and intensity are easy to adjust to your desired concentration. Set in a luxurious gold compact, this eye shadow allows for easy application with both a sponge tip and a brush applicator. A soft and long-lasting eye colour for a truly professional result.

12 new Eye Pencils, $28


YSL’s EYE PENCIL has been updated with a new formula, with highly pigmented colour for a deep impact and long-lasting finish. The texture glides onto the skin effortlessly, and Jojoba Oil makes the finish on the skin smooth and comfortable. A wax adhesive acts as a fixing agent to reinforce the intensity of the pigment for hours. With its blending tip and soft, silky texture, the pencil allows you to achieve multiple effects: from precise lines to blurred shadow, or a kohl effect. Each pencil is equipped with an applicator-blender and a sharpener. 

I can’t wait to try #5 #6, #8,  #9 and #11. I have to say that lately I fell more and more in love with Yves Saint Laurent makeup. I  plan to get some products soon because I just can’t resist 😉 And what about you? What high end brand do you love these days?

Update: All the products are already available at YSL website. Use the promo code EYES10 for  free shipping of the new products. Offer is valid till 28th of March.

4 thoughts on “12 New Eye Shadows and 12 New Eye Liners by Yves Saint Laurent”

  1. I don’t know what’s up with all the new eye shadow formulations, but I’m loving it. They all seem to be so smooth and silky. Perhaps it’s the industry’s response to the fact that so many of us now use several shadows and blend, blend, blend. For that, we need highly pigmented, beautifully smooth shadows that don’t fade or crease. It almost makes me want to toss out many of my old shadows and and start over again with new ones–almost 🙂

  2. Tavia,
    It is expensive but it is really worth the money and I actually love yellow shade a lot 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your opinion! I haven’t tried these shadows yet but I read the review and they sound like an amazing product! I love YSL makeup lately.

    Mona, those products are ALREADY available at YSL website 😉

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