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17 Sheer Moisture Foundation SPF 12 Review and Swatches

I have already told you that most of the time  I get asked to recommend a nice and cheap makeup product. This is why I’ve bought some affordable products to try out and let you know my opinion.

And since today we are talking about 17 anyway, I though I’d tell you about their Sheer Moisture Foundation SPF 12.

I’ve got it around Christmas time but also wanted to try it out in summer so this is why it took me so long to write about it.

I have got a shade which is called Light (I think the only other shade is Medium) and I have say that it was   too dark for my skin tone during the winter time so it’s definitely not that light…

The coverage is very sheer, this is basically a tinted moisturizer, and light so don’t expect that it will cover  blemishes  and red spots completely.  I’d say that it would work for those who have nice skin to begin with but want to even out the tone slightly.

On the dry skin it feels nice and gives a dewy glow but I think it will  look greasy on oily or combination skin, at least in summer. But it may work for winter, you should definitely try it first.

The lasting power on (my) dry skin if fine but I would imagine it won’t last otherwise.

Here is how it looks like on my face. But please keep in mind that my skin is dry, tanned at the moment (so the colour suits me) and, luckily, I don’t have any extreme pigmentation/blemishes/spots to cover.

 So who should get it?

People who are on a budget with dry, or maybe normal, skin which is not too fair. I don’t think it will work for anyone with oily skin or very light complexions.

The price of this product is £4.99

Can you recommend any budget friendly foundations/concealers  that I can get and try out for the feature?

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