Blue and Gold Makeup Shades for Summer

This month I was away visiting my family in the hot and sunny climate so I came back with a nice golden tan.  The main reason why I love it? Now I can experiment with makeup colours that usually don’t look that nice with my light skin tone.

Summer blue makeup shades makeup4allThe necklace, which makes me think of Klimt, was a present from my brother from Venice.

Say hello to golden eye shadows, bronzers, orange-y blushers and lipsticks. Speaking of bronzers, there will be a feature about cream bronzers next week, so stay tuned. And most importantly, navy blue in everything. Well, maybe not lipstick 😉

Not that I can’t wear navy blue without a tan, but these days I am enjoying the cliche summer makeup look and outfit: shorts, stripey top/t-shirt and navy & gold tones in makeup.

I have been experimenting with so many different products but these three get a special mention:

By the way, I did a post about summer lipsticks two years ago, so you may want to check it out, too.

And do you switch your makeup in summer?


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