5 Coral/Peach/Orange Blushes for Summer

In the past I did the features about 5 Pink-ish and 5 Red-ish blushers but what about coral/orange/peach shades?

Summer is like the best season to pick up 5 colours coral/orange shades, right? So here we go…

5 Coral Peach Orange Blushes for Summer YSL Illamasqua NARS BECCA  Jouer 1

YSL 4 Audacious Orange  (review and swatches)

It is my personal favourite true orange. It is like a sunshine in a jar, instantly brightens the face and I love the fact that you it doesn’t have reddish/pinkish undertones, it is a true orange. The texture is cream-to-powder and blends nicely into the skin. Plus this also wins for the most luxurious packaging.

Buy it from Selfridges or SaksFifthAvenue.

Jouer Petal (review and swatches)

I have to admit that I did not like this cheeks and lips tint that much at first, but now I do. Although it is described as soft rose pink on the official website, I still decided to include it in this selection. Maybe because it’s like a soft peachy pink to me. The texture is sheer and  not heavy.

Available from Cult Beauty.

BECCA Beach Tint in Grapefruit (review and swatches)

If you need a sweat  water proof blush that last and last, and lasts – this is a prefect option.  I love using it on brides because it stays put all day long and, since it melds into the skin, looks like your natural blush, not a makeup product.

Buy BECCA from Sephora or SpaceNK.

I also had to include the two cult classic blushes.

NARS Orgasm (review and swatches)

This blush doesn’t need an introduction. I’ve bought mine about 6 years ago because of the hype. Can’t say that I am a die-hard fan myself but a lot of people swear by it. However, it does add a nice  shimmer glow to the face.

Buy it from Sephora or Selfridges or HqHair.com.

Illamasqua Rude (review and swatches)

I’d say that this is one of the most famous products from Illamasqua, and also the first product that I personally tried from them. I used to use it daily, in fact. It is described as a warm  peachy pink, and that is a spot on! This blushes has a “wet” dewy texture and look beautiful on a lot of skin tones.

Can be purchased from Bloomingdales or Selfridges.

5 Coral Peach Orange Blushes for Summer YSL Illamasqua NARS BECCA  JouerJouer, Illamasqua, BECCA, NARS, YSL

3 thoughts on “5 Coral/Peach/Orange Blushes for Summer”

  1. Nice to see some properly used and abused products! That is the stamp of authority – you’ve near/hit pan on these babies so I believe what you preach. That, and I know the Becca Grapefruit to be awesome too. X

  2. Great picks for orange blushes! I love YSL Audacious Orange, it’s a true-blue orange. Rude is infamous but bulky. (But then again, can we ever have too much product?) I would love to try BECCA tints for being waterproof and travel friendly.

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