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I just came back from shopping and you know what? It was so hard to get something. A lot of things were too big for me and other were so awful so I had no idea what to get. But I was so determined to get at least something so I got a dark chocolate t-shirt and and a black top.

Although sometimes I can’t close my closet, I have nothing to wear 😉 Do you know this feeling?

About 70% of my clothes are black. Here is the Quote of the Day  from twitter: “Who can live without some black clothes?” (c) Karl_Lagerfeld

Lately get a lot of FCUK (French Connection United Kingdom), Dorothy Perkins, Top Shop, Mango,  Vero Moda, Seppala, Only, H&M, Zara and some other brands.

And what about you? What brands do you like? And what brands do you get?

Here are some outfits that impressed me this week. First 2 are from AMA: Lady Gaga and Rihanna. The third one is my fav Leighton Meester.

lady-gaga ama 2009

What to say? Gaga is one of a kind. Like her or not but you can’t deny that;)

Rihanna AMA

What do you think about this outfit? Like it or it’s  too much? I wonder if that tattoo is real? Do you know?

Leighton Meester, Sebastian Stan

Althought I really like Leighton Meester ( Or Blair, but who cares?) but I just don’t get this!!! Btw the is J (or V) behind her.

NYC – 11/17/2009 Leighton Meester performs to celebrate the grand opening of the American Eagle Outfitters. Photo from Just Jared.

As for the winner of giveaway– the winner is comment # 2


Please contact me @ marina [at]makeup4all.com

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