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First of all I am sorry that I don’t update that often these days plus I promised a lot of reviews and posts abput my vacation and some giveaways!  I already made photos of some Guerlain, Chanel and Illamasqua products and wrote some posts but I have a lot of problems with the blog (new hosting and new version of wordpress) and Internet (don’t even ask) these days.  Plus I have some problems with health. Great holidays, indeed. But, well, sooon this all will be over!

I hope you are having amazing time!  What do you do for Christmas? What did you get for your friends and family? What did you get for yourself?

I got a new coat and 3 bags (as if I don’t have enough already). I am staying at home for Christmas and I am not yet sure about the New Year.

Above you can see some of the holiday cards that I sent to my  friends. They look amazing in real life. Bright colours and a lot of sparkles but they are not that nice on the photo.




6 thoughts on “About Holiday Cards and Gifts”

  1. I hope you’ll get better really soon *hug*

    Yesterday I went with my bf to get presents for his parents (yes, though we said we won’t do that the very last day we always do the same mistake again with buying Christmas presents lol). Anyway, we got some cigars for his dad, gold earrings for his mom, a bag and perfume for his grandma and I got him a book.

    We’ll get for his sister later something, don’t know yet what and I got myself few cosmetic stuff 😀 That wasn’t planed, but, what can you do 🙂

    I’m looking forward to your review posts! Can’t wait those about Illamasqua, I really hope I’ll be able to get my hands on this brand, it looks so amazing 🙂

  2. Hi, Vesna!

    Thank you for sharing what you got 🙂 We were shopping with the BF to get him some clothes but we could not find anything we liked 🙁 I hope we’ll get some luck today!

    Belive me, Illamasqua doesn’t only look great, it IS amazing! They ship to all countries + you get 10% off with your 3rd order. Anyway I am planning what else I want to get. Plus I heard that collection in April will be something totally awesome. I can’t wait!!!

    Hope you had an amazing Christmas

  3. Hi Karen
    Thank you and give Tabs hugs from me.
    Can you belive it, yesterday I had a dream that you, El Hub and me with the BF went to some restaurant but the bill was too high so we ran away. LOL
    Congrats on your Chanel book 🙂

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