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My name is Marina, I live in Britain, and I am a Founder and Editor of Makeup4all. I have always been interested in beauty and makeup, as long as I remember. I am also a certified Make-Up Artist.

This is why in February 2009, I finally started Makeup4all which is a daily resource for all things beauty related.

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There are a lot of things that I love besides beauty and those are:

  • Music, mostly heavy genres;
  • Sea and oceans.
  • Reading, I always have my Kindle with me;
  • Art house and independent films;
  • Culture and arts, this is what I’ve studied at uni;
  • Scandinavia and Vikings;
  • Spain and Spanish language;
  • Languages in general, I want to be fluent in five, at least;
  • Black, red and crimson colours;
  • Silver rings, the more, the better;
  • Cooking, I love trying new dishes;
  • Cats, no comments here;

To find out more about me please read the me answering some questions here , here and here

About Makeup4all

Here you can find information about the newest cosmetic, perfumery and skincare launches, reviews and honest opinion about the products, swatches which will help you to see how makeup looks like on, which is helpful if you are shopping on-line. You will also see some occasional how-to, tutorials and celebrity related features every now and again.

Keep in mind that I’m not a cosmetologist or dermatologist and all skincare reviews are based on my personal experience. I am in my early 30s, and I have dry skin.

Please do not republish photos/ text without permission and active link.

Where to Find Me?

E-mail: My original email marina[at]makeup4all.com is currently not working so please try marina.makeup4all[at]gmail.com

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