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Aesop Body Cleanser And Aromatique Hand Balm

First of all, I apologise for a long absence. It was mainly due to the fact that someone (we all know that “someone” is not the word I want to use here) stole my Twitter account. And, while I did contact Twitter as soon, as I saw that, it was dragging on for ages, and instead of giving it back to me, it was blocked in the end. 

Can’t believe I’ve spent 12 years of my life building and sustaining my account with such an outcome.  This was the most appalling customer support I have ever experienced.  The whole situation made me so angry that I had no desire to even update the website and had to take some time off. But let’s leave it at that. Life goes on…

By the way, you can follow me on Instagram for more regular updates.

Today I want to share about the products from a brand which doesn’t need an introduction. And that is Aesop! I have two products here which I wanted to talk about.

Why these two products in one post you may ask? What unites them is their unique scent. 

AESOP Coriander Seed Body Cleanser (500ml ), £33

I love how the brand describes the fragrance as “unorthodox”, and it really is. Coriander is such a love or hate herb so it depends on your preferences.  

Aesop combined coriander with black pepper and patchouli so you get that woody and spicy scent which is truly invigorating and refreshing.  As I’ve already said, it has that truly one-of-a-kind aroma to it. The scent fills the bathroom and makes you feel great. And this is exactly what we all want. 

You can use it in the shower and also add it in your bath, as Aesop suggest, but I haven’t tried the latter to be honest.

And let’s not forget the aesthetically pleasing bottle, it’s  a cult.

Needless to say that I would like to get their A Rose by Any Other Name Body Cleanser in the future.

Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm, £21.00 for 75 ml; £70 for 500ml

As a hand cream addict, I have to say that this balm is brilliant, formula wise. It is silky and non-greasy.  The product absorbs quickly and leaves the hands feeling soft and moisturised.  

This is not my first Aesop hand cream but first Reverence one. And it is something else.  Just like the coriander body cleanser, it is such an special scent.  

I would describe it and masculine and sensual.  With the notes of Bergamot Rind, Vetiver Root and Petitgrain you get an earthy and smoky scent, and it lingers on.  Basically, if you do not want a sickly floral or saccharine scented hand cream – get this one.  I love it. 

You can get Aesop from  Cult Beauty, Selfridges, Liberty London

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