Alice in Wonderland The Book Of Shadows by Urban Decay. Review and Swatches

Looks like everyone is crazy about Alice now. What do we have so far? Alice in Wonderland collection  by OPI, Paul and Joe Alice collection (probably I should make a post about it for those of who who don’t know the details) and this Book of Shadows by Urban Decay which is probably the most wanted makeup item lately. Let me remind you that I already made posts about Book of Shadow Volume II and about Alice in Wonderland The Book Of Shadows (how it looks like).

And now it’s time for detailed review and swatches of this palette. Lets me say that I was 100% sure that I will be getting this palette when I first heard about it. Do you want to know why?  I absolutely love Urban Decay eye products and it is SUCH a great deal!

The prices of the original products

  • eye shadows 1.5g, $17, £12
  • 24/7 liners 1.2g $17, £11
  • deluxe eye shadows 2.5 g $18, £13
  • primer potion 10ml $18.00, £ 11

And this is what you get for only £28 or $52

  1. 16 eye shadows 0.8 g
  2. 2 24/7 liners 0.08 g
  3. mini primer potion 3.7 ml
  4. plus an amazing package with great design!

What else is there to ask for?

Here is how all the goodies look like

24/7 Liners

Flipside – bright teal, gorgeous colour which is perfect for summer

Zero -black liner which every girl needs

Eye Shadows

The shadows are topsy-turvy in Underland but have real-World names 😉 There are no matte shadows plus  most of them contain glitter and some contain lots of glitter. So here are the details!

Underland (Flash) – highly pigmented electric purple

Alice (Painkiller)– this is my favourite shade that can be described as very pigmented vibrant shimmering turquoise

Oraculum (Baked) rich cooper

Queen (Last Call) plum with burgundy

Chessur (Chopper) coppery fawn with silver microglitter

White Rabbit (Polyester Bride) it is a pale shade with lots of silver glitter

Wonderland (Maui Wowie) medium gold with silver glitter

Curiouser (Grifter) sheer lavender with lots of silver microglitter

Muchness (X) a absolutely love this  “melon” colour which is described as gold with sheer peach tint

Mushroom (Mushroom) neutral taupe, will look great on everyone

Midnight Tea Party (Midnight Cowboy Rides Again) this is my least favourite colour because it has too much shimmer in it which falls all over your face no matter how careful you are. It would be a nice champagne  shade without it

Vorapal (S&M) bright metallic silver, very nice shade

Absolem (Homegrown) warm mild green with

Drink Me, Eat Me (Sin) shimmering champagne

Mad Hatter (Twice Baked) brownie brown with gold glitter

Jabberwocky (Oil Slick) black with silver glitter. I have different black shades but didn’t have one with silver glitter so it is nice to have it now!

The order:

Zero, Flipside, Jabberwocky, Mad Hatter, Underland  the rest goes the way they are in the palette.

My  favourite items from this palette are:

Flipside 24/7 liner;  Alice, Muchness,  Mushroom, Vorpal and Absolem.

And I don’t really like:

White Rabbit, Midnight Tea Party and Curiouser because these shades have too many glitter in them.

And what about you? Did you get this palette already? Do you plan to? Why would you get it? What are your favourite items?

2 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland The Book Of Shadows by Urban Decay. Review and Swatches”

  1. Hello my dear
    I really like this set but I love the colours from BOS Vol 2 more.They look better on me. As for this palette – I am very happy with it. Most colours are great and I also love the flipside 24/7. You should get it if you can 😉

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