Amazemitt Makeup Removing Mitt Review

Meet AmazeMitt,  mitt that removes the makeup with water only!

So how does it work?

You basically use plain warm water, soak the mitt in it and  massage the face to remove all the makeup.  This soft mitt, made of microfiber, is soft but effective.  It is actually very good at removing all traces of face makeup while gently exfoliating the skin.

I do not remove eye makeup with it mainly because I find it easier and faster to remover it with my Garnier makeup remover and because I don’t want to spend extra time washing my mitt later.

Speaking of washing, just use a regular soap on the mitt after every usage and let it dry. It is suggested that Amazemitt can be used for about a yer!

I think it’s a nice little product and would be great for travelling. I also liked Milica’s story about  the product which you can read here. The price is £5. Amazemitt comes in a pink organza bag which is  a nice personal touch to the product.


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