Amazing Website for New Dior Addict Glosses

I made a post about New Dior Glosses last month but yesterday I finally orderd myself one of them! Can’t wait to get it and  to share my thoughts with you all. I ordered #236 Satin Peach because I liked the name. I never saw it in real life so I hope I like it! (YES, I love to shop online for so many reasons, maybe I should write a post about that?)

I also wanted to tell you about the amazing website  Dior created for these glosses which you have to check out. But don’t blame me if you will have to buy a gloss or  2 ( or more 😉 ) after you see how beautiful they are! And this is how the shade that I got looks like

By the way, don’t forget to watch the videos at the website 😉

There are some other shades that I would really like to have. And what about you? Which shade would you like to get?

4 thoughts on “Amazing Website for New Dior Addict Glosses”

  1. I bought the Ultra Gloss Glow in 256 Negilee Pink and absolutely love it. It is very comfortable to wear and has a beautiful finish. My lips looked and felt smoother, fuller, and more moisturized and, after using the gloss for a couple of days, I could actually see that my lips were in better condition. Unfortunately, the gloss doesn’t last very long, but when it does wear off, my naked lips look smooth and soft. In that respect, these new glosses are like Dior’s lip serum. The trade off for beautiful lips is constant reapplication. By the way, that Satin Peach is

    1. Thank you for comment, Eileen!
      Now I really can’t wait till I get it 🙂 I also want the new Aqualumiere from Chanel’s summer collection.

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